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Last updated: August 08, 2017

2 Go-To Men’s Cuts

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There’s two things we know about male clients: they’re lucrative and loyal. That’s why you need to impress your guys, and the best way to start? With a solid haircut that keeps them on-trend. We’ve got two that you need to know!


Stay up to speed on what your men want with a new, totally digital education program from men’s grooming masters American Crew! The new Master of Men’s Grooming is a certificate training program that focuses on the technical, advanced haircutting and styling skills you need to immediately offer your male clients the looks they want. It’s fully online, so you can access the lessons from anywhere, at any time, and then you submit your photos to an American Crew educator, so you gain insight from top stylists.


Those who complete Master of Men’s Grooming will learn 10 foundational haircuts, and we’re giving you a sample of what you can expect!


How-To: The Executive

How-To: The Pompadour

Become A Master Of Men’s Grooming!