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Last updated: October 14, 2014

Stylist Sprayers

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Stylist Sprayers were designed with the hair stylist in mind. Never again worry about poor spray performance or low output from traditional finger-pump spray bottles. Best of all, with Stylist Sprayers, a trigger finger is a thing of the past!

Stylist Sprayers use patented ADG Pre-Compression technology to deliver a non-pressurized, propellant-free, airless spray mist. This gives stylists a consistent spray pattern of fine water droplets, allowing the hair to be evenly covered with water quickly and effortlessly. With Stylist Sprayers, it doesn’t matter if you’re holding the bottle upright, sideways, or even upside down; its 360 degree spraying capabilities deliver the perfect spray every time.

Stylist Sprayers currently come in sixteen different styles with more being released monthly. Stylist are not only raving about the bottles performance and comfort, but also its shelf appeal.

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