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Last updated: October 21, 2014

Coconut All-In-One Hair Treatment from UniqOne

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“I love UniqOne Coconut! Not only does it smell fantastic, it works wonders on my clients hair! Once they use it that’s it…they are hooked!”
– Judy Hartrich, Stylist

“It is the best detangler on our shelf. I use it on all hair types for a smooth finish without any greasy or flattening side effects of a typical leave-in conditioner.”
– Christy Lee Colby, Stylist

Give your clients hair the TLC it needs to stay nourished and healthy. The UniqOne Coconut All-In-One Hair Treatment is the first leave-in mask on the market that offers the 10 main benefits that hair needs. It’s the ideal partner for every day use for the best stylist and their most demanding clients. UniqOne’s formula repairs dry and damaged hair, adds shine and controls frizz. Plus, it protects haircolor from UVA and UVB rays, prevents split ends and provides incredible detangling, leaving hair more manageable, soft and voluminous. And did we mention the intoxicating coconut scent with hints of vanilla and toasted hazelnut? You and your clients will love this one-stop-spray!

To Use (On Wet Hair):
Spray directly approximately 8-inches from hair. Short hair: 6-8 sprays; Medium hair: 7-12 sprays; Long hair: 10-15 sprays. Then detangle hair with a comb before heat styling or allow the hair to dry naturally.

On Dry Hair:
Apply on the palm of your hand. Short hair: 2-3 sprays; Medium hair: 3-5 sprays; Long hair: 4-6 sprays. Emulsify and distribute the product evenly through the ends.

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