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Last updated: March 19, 2015

Keratherapy’s Rapid Rescue


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In a perfect world, everyone would have smooth, shiny, healthy hair. Unfortunately, we have environmental factors that suck the moisture out of our hair and leave it looking dull, faded and chock full of split ends. Chances are you have had many clients in your chair with this exact problem. Well, the fastest growing keratin smoothing company in the world, Keratherapy, has developed a reparative treatment that will yield instant results for your clients—Rapid Rescue!

This formula—infused with coffee bean and macadamia seed oils—locks in moisture, repairs split ends and prevents damage that comes from environmental factors, heat styling and everyday wear and tear. As well, sunflower seed oil prevents color strip—a major selling point for your color clients! The Rapid Rescue works in wet hair to pump up the volume while softening and hydrating, and it also works on dry hair to add manageability and shine! Best of all, this spray doesn’t discriminate on your client’s hair type, it attacks all forms of damage whether on normal, coarse or resistant hair!

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Keratherapy’s Rapid Rescue