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August 1, 2016


Unconventional color trends have seemed to take over our haircolor world, right? From your Instagram feed to the real world—fashion colors are here to stay. So of course you need a product you can trust when it comes to creating the perfect mermaid, pastel or rainbow melt! Introducing Matrix Color Sync Watercolors—and just like actual watercolor paint, this line can be used “full strength” or diluted with Color Sync Clear to reduce intensity and to create a completely customizable shade.

The on-trend Watercolor shades are: Moss Green, Sapphire Blue, Berry Violet, Quartz Pink and Coral Peach. What’s more? Matrix developed an innovative tool to support your Watercolor techniques. The new Matrix ColorBlender Sponge produces subtle transitions, diffused lines, graduated color effects, controlled shapes and natural balayage results; it’s also ideal for dry brushing.

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