Last updated: November 20, 2017

Bond Fusion


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Keune Bond Fusion is a three phase treatment system that’ll allow you to take your clients lighter and brighter without having to compromise the integrity of the hair in the process. Bond Infusion, which is compatible with all hair types and textures, protects the inner structure of each strand so you can transform clients into any color while repairing broken bonds. 


  • Phase 1: Add the Bond Builder to the color or lifting formula to repair broken bonds, create new bonds and protect the hair. 
  • Phase 2: Apply the Bond Enhancer, a deeply nourishing treatment that’ll strengthen the newly-created bonds, sealing strands to ensure long-lasting condition.
  • Phase 3: Send your clients home with Bond Recharger, an at-home maintenance product that prolongs the effect of the Bond Fusion treatment.


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Manufacturer: Keune, @keunenamerica

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Bond Fusion

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