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Last updated: August 28, 2017

Keune North America Announces New Vice President, Marketing And Brand Development

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Joining Keune North America and bringing with her passion, energy and experience, Rachael Hoffman is set to shine as she is promoted to Vice President, Marketing and Brand Development—a new position for the company. Leading the initiative to transition Keune into a marketing-driven company, Rachael will direct and manage all North American marketing, promotions, public relations, social media and advertising strategies and activations for all product lines and the Keune Academy.


Rachael has always lived by the mantra, “Beauty is often enhanced by the effort we put into cultivating our character,” and this sentiment is reflected by extensive knowledge, 15 years of experience and infectious enthusiasm that continues to attract new business opportunities into her life. The Keune team was drawn to Rachael’s doorstep after seeing her commitment to a creative calling, helping big-name brands like Coca-Cola, Scion and Red Bull. After a successful stint as a marketing strategy consultant, they decided to bring her on full-time.


“I am elated to add Rachael, who is uniquely resourceful, creative and intelligent, to Keune’s very talented executive committee,” shares Chief Operating Officer Andrew Biazi. “This represents one more crucial step in raising Keune’s profile and awareness in North America and in the company’s journey toward becoming the next $100 million brand.”


Rachael will work in Keune’s corporate headquarters in The Netherlands to synchronize all marketing initiatives, including new product introductions, and to ensure brand message consistency between North America and the 70-plus countries where Keune is beloved by hairdressers and consumers alike. She will also team up with Keune’s North American sales and education departments to ensure the entire company delivers one strong consistent message, as it continues its three-year industry-leading growth.


She will continue to fuel her passion by staying on top of the newest industry trends and looks forward to growing alongside the Keune team in the years to come.