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Last updated: June 01, 2017

12 Benefits

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12 Benefits offers discerning hairstylists innovative, luxury formulations: a treatment that blocks exposure from the elements, hair oil that disperses moisture to accelerate blowouts, a creamy smoothing polish of pharmaceutical quality. Perfect for all hair textures and types, 12 Benefits is the ultimate luxury product line, plus, it smells amazing! 

Within the line:
Conditional Love This 30-second hair moisturizer is an innovative hair conditioner that seals in moisture, mends and restores hair texture in less than one minute! Plus it de-frizzes and provides a high gloss shine.

Instant Healthy Hair Treatment Healthy hair is composed of 95 percent protein, three percent moisture and trace elements and two percent natural lipids. Instant Healthy Hair Treatment is the most innovative multi-benefit hair treatment for preventing and repairing hair damage. When applied after a haircolor service, 12 Benefits seals and protects for longer lasting color results.

Love At First Lather – The next generation of professional salon shampoo, this moisture balancing mousse shampoo is an innovative pre-foam shampoo that thoroughly safeguards hair. Unlike traditional cream shampoo, this foam shampoo does not require any scrubbing. Best of all, it’s so effective, users require less dry shampoo between shampooing sessions.

Pink Addiction –
This cream emulsion contains Keratin amino acids and argan oil, which envelope hair to provide luxurious therapy, reversing hair deficiencies. Velvety-soft pink addiction smoothes raised cuticles and sustains sleek hair, leaving hair lengths and ends thoroughly treated and preserved.

Rapid Blowout Argan Oil Bow Dry Spray This zero weight formula delivers an exquisite, shiny finish to hair creating the ultimate blowout. With help from argan oil, formulated with only three, naturally pure ingredients that work together to disperse water from the hair’s surface.

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