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Last updated: September 12, 2018

Kao Salon Division Announces 2 New Leadership Roles

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Trevor Attenborough (left) and Mark Giannandrea (right)

Kao Salon Division announced that Trevor Attenborough, General Manager, Kao Salon North America and Mark Giannandrea, General
Manager, Kao Salon UK, will fill the newly created leadership roles of Vice President, Salon Commercial, Americas and Vice President, Salon Commercial, EMEA, respectively.


“In the fast-paced environment of today’s salon industry, we must constantly adapt our organizational structure to address the future needs of salons and their clients,” explained Cory Couts, Global President, Kao Salon Division. “These new, critical roles will help us to be closer to our customers than ever, as well as strengthen the execution of our long-term strategy. Enriching the lives of stylists, salons and clients is at the heart of everything we do at Kao Salon.”


In their new roles, Trevor and Mark will assume leadership for all Kao Salon Division sales affiliates within their regions. They will work with their respective regions on the commercialization of Kao Salon Division initiatives, taking Global Design and translating it into local execution.


“Both Mark and Trevor have had long careers within the salon industry. The decision to elevate them to these roles is a testament to the leadership and strategic vision they have demonstrated in growing our business in the past,” continued Cory. “I am confident that they will continue to add tremendous value for our customers, and thereby for Kao Salon Division, well into the future.”


Reporting to Trevor will be Mike Parsons, GM, Salon Canada; Justin Anderson, GM, Salon Australia and Jane Wicks, GM, Salon New Zealand but Trevor will remain in Baltimore. Reporting to Mark will be Tobias Staehle, GM, Salon DACH; Christel Grootentraast, GM, Salon Benelux; Birger von Holdt, GM, Salon Nordics and Valeria De Fiore, GM, Salon, Italy. The EMEA Commercial Team will be based in London.


“I am excited about this new role and look forward to working more closely with my colleagues throughout the Americas region,” said Trevor. “This new structure opens up opportunities to drive commercial success across all Kao markets.”


“I am delighted to take the lead for Kao Salon Division within the EMEA region at such a pivotal time in the organization’s history,” added Mark. “I truly believe that we have the makings of something very special—now is the time to accelerate our plans and release the portfolio’s true potential.”


There are no changes to the management structure of Oribe Hair Care, LLC. Trevor and Mark will start their new roles immediately. Their replacements as GM, Kao Salon North America and GM, Kao Salon UK will be announced at a later date.