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Last updated: January 08, 2018

How-To: Dry Your Wig in 15 Minutes

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How-To: Dry Your Wig in 15 Minutes

Wig-drying is a complicated task. It’s super time consuming, and on top of that, it’s hard to get the cap or roots 100 percent dry. Stylists and wig-wearers alike understand the struggle. But all that comes to an end with the Daroko Fresh Wigs Dryer. With this innovative dryer, you can get those wigs dry in 15 minutes. The perforated holes set throughout the entirety of the unit’s scalp offer a quick, effective dry, keeping wigs fresh and odorless by allowing them to breathe while they dry. And this unit accommodates most hair dryers with a barrel size up to 60mm, securely holding your dryer in place with a rubber grip and bungee clip strap. Here’s how to get started.

But don’t just take our word for it. See what other stylists and wig-wearers have to say!


“This is an incredible product and I would recommend it to anyone who wears a wig as it really does work!” – Trevor Sorbie 


“[With regular drying methods], if you’re using rollers or flexi-rods, you can roll [the hair] up and leave it for 24 hours, and when you come back the hair is still wet—especially the roots. Plus you end up with these soggy-looking curls. The Daroko Fresh Wigs Dryer is amazing for that. If you were to do your flexi rods or your rollers, and you turn this on for about thirty minutes, the roots are dry…you’re not going to have to worry whether the cap is dry or whether or not the roots are dry. The amount of time that you will save with this product is unbelievable.” – @CandyHairCo




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    Place the Fresh Wigs head on a universal wig stand or a flat, secure surface.

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    Take any hair dryer (maximum barrel size 60mm), remove any nozzles and place it into the large hole at the front of the Fresh Wigs head.

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    Unclip the rope from the Fresh Wigs head and tie it around the hair dryer. Re-clip the hooks into any two holes.

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    Place the wig on the Fresh Wigs head, securing the wig clips into the holes on the “fringe” area. Note: For extra security, you can use the chin strap to help hold the wig in place.

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    Turn on the hair dryer to a medium heat and speed. After a few minutes, the wig’s net is dry and ready to style!

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