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November 5, 2010

Wella Trend Vision 2011


Wella Trend Vision 2011

Wella Global Creative Directors Eugene Souleiman and Josh Wood are proud to present their latest joint endeavor; the stunning, unprecedented Wella Trend Vision 2011 Collection.

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This collection is a striking marriage of inspiration and complication. It speaks to the lovers of Haute Couture and to those who crave a colorful muse.

Four trends can be seen to your left in order from left to right: Lumina, Glamazon, Passionista and Polaris.

To bring this collection to life, Souleiman and Wood drew inspiration from technology, textiles, design and just about everything in near sight. “It’s been a years worth of work,” said Souleiman in regards to the development and execution of this collection.

Trend #1 – Lumina:
Imagine a luxurious, perfect future. Lumina is technology induced and influenced. The futuristic aesthetics defy gravity and speak innovative perfection. The color speaks translucent lightness while the cut and style is fluid, yet controlled.
Color shades are golden, silvery and subtle hits of rose.

Trend #2 – Glamazon:
She is magnetic and hypnotizing. Embodying a wild and unashamed magnetism, you see an allegorical Amazon. Embracing the sexy adventurer persona, Glamazon is defiant and fearless. The tones are browns, coppers and bronzes. The cut and style speak, as Souleiman stated, an appearance of spending a couple months in the desert. She is truly spellbinding.

Trend # 3 – Passionista:
Re-discover love and seduction and the thrilling emotion of a first kiss. Her confident sensuality and striking color gently caresses your imagination. The color can range from flushing pinks to red desires. The styling is a playful and caressing fluidity. “I wanted to create the right red for Passionista,” said Wood. “I wanted to capture the moment and the strength in the hair.”

Trend #4 – Polaris:
Majestic elegance with deep, muted tones, Polaris is an assertive beauty that is strong, daring, and charismatic with detailed elegance. Deep blacks and smoky tones allow the distinctive efficiency and sculptural cut magnetize the senses. “This put Eugene and I together and apart at times,” said Wood. “It was the most fulfilling for me as a colorist.” “For me, this is not the style for the faint hearted,” said Souleiman.

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