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December 27, 2003

Vanguard by Sassoon

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Vanguard by Sassoon

We’re strong, sexy, and in charge of our world. And Vidal Sassoon’s striking new collection shows there are no limits to just how beautiful that can be. Sure, girls just want to have fun…but women want it all. En garde! 

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Tim Hartley, Vidal Sassoon’s International Creative Director, was inspired to create the Vanguard Collection after seeing a gorgeous sword-fighting scene in a new release of the 1976 movie L’Innocente (The Intruder). “As creative stylists, we need to keep our eyes open for trends,” he said. Tim further describes the Vanguard look in this way: “We are working with aggressive visor fringe, helmet shapes which are juxtaposed with feminine veils. It is a romantical, graceful look with a constructed dynamic.” 

Right now, Vidal Sassoon colors are inspired by the Johannes Ittens color wheel, using the tonal color spectrum….going from cool to warm,” said Annie Humphreys, International Director of Color and Technical Research.. “This look goes back to the basics and does not require hundreds of foils. We like soft traditional colors. For Vanguard, we’ve used eau de nile and dusty pinks mixed with pure blondes and vibrant reds.”

According to Martyn Duff, North American Creative Director, “with each new collection, we like to show stylists new looks that provide creative inspiration…and then put these elements to work right away in the salon.” The Vanguard Collection, developed at the Advanced Academy in London, features 2 unique cutting and coloring techniques that show how an idea can be adapted to suit various lengths and colors.

Be at the creative forefront with Vanguard!


Photography: Colin Roy
Hair: The international Team led by Tom Hartley
Colour: The International Creative Team led by Annie Humphreys
Makeup: Susan Voss-Redfern @ Fame
Styling: Diana Sharp @ GDS Design Consultancy
Colour Products: Wella Koleston Perfect
Styling Products: VS Sassoon

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