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January 26, 2010

Introducing Goldwell Color Zoom ’10: Just naked


Introducing Goldwell Color Zoom ’10: Just naked

Presented by the International Color Zoom ’10 Creative Team in Las Vegas at the 2009 Color Challenge Finale, Goldwell Color Zoom ’10: Just naked is all about reduction and simplification.  Clear and organic shapes harmonize perfectly with natural and essential colors.  This trend draws its inspiration from elementary forms – design, fashion and hairstyling play with natural patterns and interpret them in ways that are surprisingly new.

The Color Zoom ’10 Edition, Naked Facets, will introduce three new Topchic shades based on the pure concepts of Just naked.  Each new shade blends unique pigments to create beautiful, dimensional results.

View the Product: Goldwell Topchic “Naked Facets” Color Edition

Just naked introduces new cutting concepts inspired by organic textures and structures, with the flowing, living character of petals, foliage, wood, stone and marble.  These unspoiled natural structures are juxtaposed with elements of minimalist design, generating a unique and harmonious interaction of extreme opposites.  This interaction is translated into creative hair fashions and cutting techniques which are as individual as nature itself, where anything artificial is out and everything authentic is in!

To learn more, go to www.goldwell-northamerica.com/site/colorzoom10/

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