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April 10, 2011

Goldwell Color Zoom 2011: Play Strong


Goldwell Color Zoom 2011: Play Strong

Strong colors and powerful contrasts provide pure inspiration for every creative hairstylist, and the Goldwell Color Zoom 2011 Collection, called Play Strong, celebrates a new confidence that turns challenges into games.

Play Strong offers all possibilities to orchestrate a new sense of confidence. Hair and fashion are the accessories used to show a playful and fierce attractiveness. The most important rule of the game is that everyone plays by their own rules. Otherwise it would be impossible to create individual looks that only follow one style: your own. The many facets of a person’s individuality are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Masculine elements underscore a feminine appeal that conveys strength and confidence.

Enter the Goldwell Color Zoom 2011 Challenge for a chance to compete live in South Beach, Florida!

Contrasts are one of Play Strong’s distinctive characteristics and they inspired Goldwell’s Color Zoom Creative Team to create the new Chess Color Concept, a technique that works with simple quadrants and chess board-like structures to create absolutely unique effects. The new Color Zoom ’11 Blackened Contrasts Edition also perfectly fits Play Strong. Every shade is a game of extreme opposites. Intensive colors are enhanced with dark contrasts to create a ‘blackened’ touch. The result is a subtle yet dynamic and expressive color accentuation.

The Color Zoom ’11 Creative Team
The creative team spent several days in Hamburg playing with colors and styles for the new looks. It was the perfect place for high-powered creativity and everyone had a lot of fun.  The Color Zoom Master Team: Mario Krankl, Agnes Westerman and Oliver Szilagyi and the winners of the Color Zoom Challenge 2009: Timothy Switzer, Mark Nordskov and Tyker Ho created a versatile world with a light and a dark side. Is it all just a game? No. Of course it isn’t. Play Strong is founded on creativity, skill, color competence and hard work. These are the things that have made Play Strong the fashion trend of the year and a source of inspiration for the entire industry.

To learn more, go to www.colorzoom11.com

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