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October 23, 2012

Goldwell Color Zoom Beautify Collection


Goldwell Color Zoom Beautify Collection

Beautify—a worldwide creative movement aimed at making our environment more beautiful to ultimately enhance the quality of our lives. This isn’t achieved by using the often cool and minimalistic aesthetics of the design world, but instead by discovering the colorful and unconventional beauty of the creative human touch. For the Color Zoom 2013 Collection from Goldwell—aptly called Beautify—the global team brought to life a palette of surprising, never-before-seen looks that fuse unconventional colors and shade combinations with unexpected cuts.

Following the idea of eclectic mix and match, the team focused on using a combination of colors, materials and patterns which became essential design elements in the collection. They redefined conventional style, turning previously separated trends into new, innovative designs with their own individual charm. 

Pastel shades act as intense reflections in light blonde hair, and earthy, rustic colors add interest to darker tones. Sophisticated color placement creates a harmonious yet breathtakingly exciting interaction of colors. Urban elements inspired the expressive creation of shapes, and each look has striking details that demonstrate plenty of individuality and creative freedom.

In this collection for 2013, the Goldwell Color Zoom Global Team encourages you to BEAUTIFY you style, your color and your life!

who did it
Color Zoom Master Team: Agnes Westerman and Shane Henning
Color Zoom Challenge 2011 Winners: Demi-Leigh Gardiner, Lisa Whiteman and Ben Lin

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