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Last updated: October 08, 2020

Zero Commitment Haircolor With Makeup?

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Well, This Looks Interesting: Temporary Haircolor With Makeup

Put down the haircolor and pick up some concealer and eyeshadow instead! Whether your client needs temporary color to complete her costume this Halloween or wants to give a trend like the chunky money piece a try before committing, Brad Mondo (@bradmondonyc) shared a quick way to use makeup to create zero commitment color. Watch his TikTok below to see how it’s done, then keep scrolling to get the steps!


Watch Brad’s TikTok Below To See The Full Tutorial!


Get the egirl look with zero commitment! ##egirl ##hairdye

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1. Start by applying concealer on the surface of the hair and run a wide-tooth comb through it so the product is evenly distributed.


Note: You can skip this step if your client has lighter locks.


2. Then, blow dry with a round brush to set the concealer.


3. Using the color of your choice, use a large face makeup brush to apply eyeshadow over the concealer.


4. Next, comb it through, blow dry and style as desired. “The transfer is pretty minimal,” shares Brad in the video. “It doesn’t get all over your face, it doesn’t get all over your hands and it washes right out.


What do you think? Would you give this a try?


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