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Last updated: September 24, 2020

Well, This Looks Interesting: Laser Iron Treatment

Laser Iron Treatment Flat Iron Ultransonic Infrared
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Laser Iron Treatment—What You Need To Know!

So, what exactly is going on this video?! When BTC shared this viral post by Ukraine-based colorist Loginova Kateryna (@loginova_colorist_) on Instagram and Facebook, many stylists wondered HOW, WHY and WHAT was happening. Was this a hot flat iron being used on damp hair, some new type of sanitation process, a treatment or what?! We did some investigating to get you answers. Keep reading!


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What Is This Tool?

When we reached out to Loginova, she told us that the tool in this video is an Ultrasonic & Infrared Hair Care Iron. After doing some research, we found that there are a lot of infrared irons out there and here’s what they do—these tools use infrared lights and ultrasonic plates to enhance salon-grade hair masks, leave-in conditioners and treatment oil applications. Did we mention they are cold?


According to a product review website Trendy & Tested as well as online product listings, these irons are not actually hot to the touch, but instead use cold fusion therapy to lock in moisture from the inside out. After a conditioning product is applied, it’s recommended to run the iron through damp hair to help restore elasticity and recover damage. Then, rinse out the product and style as normal.


When Should You Use It?

The best time for this treatment [tool] is after bleaching and before toning, according to Loginova. “For me, the most important thing is to relieve the stress of the bleached hair canvas,” she shared.


“Use this iron for heavily damaged hair. Usually it’s used after bleaching with hair powder,” said Loginova. “Hair masks work the best if you’re using this iron. Hair gets a healthier shine and the hair toning color stays for a longer period of time.”


Here’s What BTC Community Members Had To Say About This Viral Video


“Infrared ultrasonic helps penetrate any treatment or color better.” – Cynthia Go


“I used to do this in my salon. Keratin with infrared straighteners… they give off no heat at all.” – Candi Burrell


“I love it. I offer this treatment in my salon, it’s [an] infrared iron to help treatments penetrate and the results are truly amazing.” – Andromeda Quan


“Treatment with ultrasonic and infrared iron, I have been doing this treatment for almost a year and my clients love it.” – Renata Boduch


“I offer it in my salon. Cryotherapy. You should see what it does when you use on the hair after you’ve put the styling products on and before you blow dry. Amazing!” – @straightupcurls