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Last updated: December 07, 2017

Two, Signature Au Natural Color Formulas from Beth Minardi

During Beth Minardi’s third visit to the BTC Academy in Chicago, she shared even more of her money-making color formulas, business building techniques and celebrated hair coloring methods with a small group of dedicated stylists.

2 Signature Au Natural Color Formulas from Beth Minardi

By: Katie Harrington

She’s been called the “Color Queen,” the “High Priestess of Haircolor” and was named BTC’s Stylist Choice Award Favorite Educator two years in a row. So when I found out I would not only be covering Beth Minardi’s third visit to the BTC Academy in Chicago, but also getting my hair colored by the queen herself, I was understandably thrilled, and Beth did not disappoint! After an exciting day in the industry icon’s chair, I left the Academy and strolled down Chicago’s Magnificent Mile with a rich, melted caramel color that’s absolutely perfect for fall. Better yet, Beth shared her how-to—along with a gorgeous, multi-tonal blonde formula—so you, too can bring some life back into your clients’ locks.

Katie: Cinnamon-Spice Ombré


Beth spiced up my plain, one-dimensional strands by gently warming the hair using her classic American baliage technique. Here’s how she did it!

Formula A: Beth Minardi Signature 10BB + equal parts 20-volume Beth Minardi cream developer

Formula B: Beth Minardi Signature 7NGC + equal parts 20-volume Beth Minardi cream developer

Formula C: Beth Minardi Signature 11GO + equal parts 40-volume Beth Minardi cream developer

Formula D (toner): Beth Minardi Signature 10G liquid + equal parts 5-volume Beth Minardi cream developer

Leaving out the front, part hair behind the ear and alternate formulas A and B in zig-zag pattern with long foils (using a zig-zag shape creates excitement and dimension in the hair).

2. On the fringe and around face, apply formula C.

3. Lubricate hair with Beth Minardi Fortifying Pre-wash Therapy and process for 45 minutes. Then rinse, shampoo and condition.

4. Apply formula D and process for 15 minutes under heat. Rinse, shampoo, condition and style.

Jenna: Shade on Shade Celebrity Blonde

Beth took Jenna’s, over processed, dried-out locks to a whole new level by adding highlights and lowlights to her Level 7, blonde tresses. 

Formula A (lowlights): Beth Minardi Demi Crème 1 ½ oz. 8BB + 1.2 oz. 9G0 + 2 oz. 20-volume developer

Formula B (highlights): Joico Vero K-PAK Vero Light lightener + equal parts 20-volume developer

1. Alternate formulas A and B in zig-zag pattern starting at the nape and working your way up. Make sure the hair at the hairline and around the face is the lightest blonde.

2. Process for 30 minutes.

3. Shampoo, condition and style.

Throughout the day, Beth also talked about current trends in haircolor (traditional ombré will be out by 2015, she says), discussed the use of MEA vs. ammonia in haircolor (according to Beth, MEA doesn’t perform as well as ammonia) and gave her opinion on Olaplex. She uses it and likes it, by the way, and her favorite Olaplex product is Bond Perfector No.2. Here are a few more tips she shared with the class.

• Every blonde wants to be really blonde around the face,” Beth said. “So always make sure to add that ‘money piece’ in the front.”

• When applying color, be sure to hold the brush vertically, and start painting at the ends, moving toward the scalp and concentrating the color at the tips.

• Remember to keep up with your education and bring new tricks and techniques to your salon. “Part of what we do is theater,” Beth noted. “If we pull out a new kind of brush, a new kind of foil, a new technique… clients are going to love that.”

• On consultations: “If a client needs more than 15 minutes for a consultation, they are probably not going to be happy with whatever you do,” Beth said.

• Salon lighting is so important, Beth stressed. “Try bringing lights down from the ceiling closer to your station,” she said. “This will allow you to show off you work!”

Check out all the pics from Beth’s class!

Want more Beth? She’ll be back in the Windy City on November 17th. You can get tickets here!

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