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Last updated: September 27, 2017

6 Things We Learned from Beth Minardi at COLOR 2014

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There’s a reason Beth Minardi is a four-time BTC Stylist Choice Award Winner for Favorite Educator. Her knowledge of haircolor is second to none and her no-nonsense approach to business is unmatched. And while we can’t give away all her color secrets, we can give you a peek inside her candid, stripped down presentation from COLOR, Cut & Style 2014 in New Orleans. Here are six pieces of wisdom we learned from Beth at last year’s show.    


1. If you have a guest who is concerned about chemicals in her haircolor, explain to her how heavily scrutinized color is. If she absolutely wants nothing to touch her scalp, highlight. That, or let her go four to five months with gray hair…she’ll be back.


2. As stylists, we’re in the ‘experience business.’ When a regular client comes in—did you remember her dog had puppies? Did you remember her husband threw her a party for her birthday?  Did you remember she hates her son-in-law? That connection with these people is more important than you know. 


3. Just because your client doesn’t say she wants something new, doesn’t mean she’s not thinking about it. Talk to her, recommend something new. If you don’t mention it, she might think you’re not concerned about her.


4. Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group, once said “Train your employees so well that they can leave you. Treat them so well that they never will.” “As salon business owners, that’s what we have to do,” says Beth.


5. Men’s haircolor services brought $2.93 billion in revenue in 2014 for 100 percent gray coverage and gray blending. This number is projected to grow. And remember, it’s not just hair. More and more men are coloring their eyebrows. Why? Gray eyebrows are the key giveaway that he’s getting old, and no one wants to be viewed as old.


6. Why do women always get that dark, black color in the temples even if you apply a Level 5 or 6? The hair that surrounds the face is more affected by estrogen, so as women age, this hair changes. To prevent this dark color, use a shade two levels lighter and warmer on this area. Also, don’t put the color on with a bowl and a brush—use an applicator bottle with a fine point. And don’t direct the hair away from the face when processing.


The High Priestess of Haircolor is coming back to COLOR, Cut & Style for another fabulous presentation, plus a special Look & Learn class on Saturday, September 26! Don’t have tickets yet? Purchase yours today!