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March 24, 2021

The Biggest Haircut Trends Of Spring/Summer 2021

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2021’s Top Haircut Trends + Pro Cutting Tips Every Stylist Needs To Know

Your client’s current haircut inspo pic most likely looks like this: layers, fringe and that effortless ’70s shaggy vibe. Sounds about right! Before that next guest sits in your chair—let’s get you caught up on Spring/Summer 2021’s top haircut trends and the must-know tips you need to give every client their dream cut this szn.  


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1. Long Layers

A fresh look without removing any length? We’ve got you! Long layers give clients that lived-in movement they’re looking for with longer cuts and are easy to wear with undone waves, air-dried or blown-out smooth. Bonus: This type of service keeps long-haired clients on the books. 


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how to cut long layers on every client cutting tips

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Ready to master long layers? TAP HERE to read 10 tips & common cutting mistakes.

how to cut long layers on every client cutting tips


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2. Bouncy, Face-Framing Layers

Here’s what we’re seeing on the trend radar for Spring/Summer 2021: shorter layers that frame the face, often paired with ’60s curtain bangs and blowouts that accentuate the layered look.


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Rollers are back! Pair layered cuts with bouncy blowouts. TAP HERE to read BTC’s blowout guide.

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3. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are legit EVERYWHERE on TikTok and every cool-girl IG page right now, so they’re no doubt on top of your client’s haircut request list. They’re low-maintenance, grow out nicely and perfect for those clients who want fringe benefits without the major upkeep. 


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4. Softened, Blunt Fringe

Blunt fringe is serious business—this style of bangs requires a bit more upkeep, without the feathery ends that curtain bangs provide. Blunt fringe lines á la Mia Wallace look cool as hell paired with short bobs and ultra-long cuts alike. Clients with oval face shapes can get away with most fringe styles, and this look is extremely suitable for them. 


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5. Super Soft Fringe

The “soft, barely there, seamless” fringe look gives clients some face-framing without the commitment of an all-out bang. For the guest in your chair that always says they want fringe, but gives off nervous energy during the consultation—here’s a solution! The KEY to this look is ultra softness and working off of their part line. 


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Get 4 tips for cutting soft, barely there fringe! TAP HERE to read the article.


6. Long Shags

Thanks to the iconic Sally Hershberger’s OG lineup of ’90s A-list clients like Meg Ryan and Joan Jett, shaggy layers have been a resident cool-kid look for some time now. Flash forward to 2021, our clients want to embrace everything the shag stands for—its ultra-wearability, effortless vibe and wash-and-go mentality.


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7. Curly Shags

Texture and movement make any shag haircut next level, and this is some pretty sweet news for our curly clients. The curly shag is one of the most highly-requested haircuts of 2021, and that’s because choppy face-framing layers and tousled fringe look major with waves and curls. 


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Cheat Sheet: TAP HERE for a curly shag step-by-step & understand this head sheet diagram!


8. Shaggy Bobs

The French bob reigned supreme for the last few years, and now it’s time for the bob reimagined. Add a little spice! Think feathered layers, low-maintenance texture, softness and choppy ends galore. Like all shags, we live for a curtain-style fringe moment that blends into the face frame on bobs and lobs. 


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9. Mullets 

If we were to describe quarantine as a celebrity makeover, it would be the transition from Hannah Montana to full-on mullet Miley Cyrus. If your next client comes in requesting a mullet, don’t panic! 2021 is officially the year of the ~Zoom call business in the front, party on in the back~ BUT this disconnected cut isn’t your uncle’s mullet.


There are some pretty distinct technical differences between heavily layered shags and the all-out mullet, so keep scrollin’ for a deep dive into the differences and how to customize for every client.


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Mullets vs. Shags: Know the differences & get pro tricks to customize for every client—TAP HERE! 


10. Ultra-Soft Hairline Cut

There is nothing better than seeing the impact of transformation, and this ultra-soft hairline cut with longer face-framing pieces is THE short haircut of 2021. Whether it’s worn slicked-back, tucked behind the ear or flowing forward, this grown-out pixie cut gives off a relaxed, cool vibe. 


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