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Last updated: April 01, 2024

The Secret To Creating A Seamless Color Melt

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We can bet color melts are up there as one of your most requested color services. So why risk a color melt that isn’t properly blended? The Color Melting Glove made its big debut in our Connection Center booth at the 2017 #thebtcshow and it’s designed to help you create a seamless blend every time. Wanna know how the magic happens?


The Color Melting Glove is now available in our BTC Shop! Buy yours TODAY!


We snagged a video of überliss Educator Kitty Mendoza creating a stunning mermaid-esque color melt with the help of the new Color Bond Sustainers from überliss and the Color Melting Glove. Hear her thoughts on the gloves and check out the finished look below!


Watch the gloves in action!


Check out that blend!


The finished look! (Instagram via @kittylahairstylist)


See all the photos from our Connection Center!


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