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Last updated: September 14, 2017

Learn to Sharpen Shears… The Right Way

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As hairdressers know, correctly sharpened shears can make all the difference when doing a haircut, and that is exactly why John Kuipers, owner of Wicked Sharp Shears, values the work he does and offers training programs to others who want to learn the craft—correctly.

Most experienced stylists already know that there are very few sharpeners who can deliver consistently high quality sharpening work. Many have learned this the hard way, through botched, damaged or destroyed shears. But it’s also because of that, that there is a demand for skilled sharpeners who can deliver quality results—which is exactly what John can teach his students to do.


“At least half of my sharpening students are hair stylists, many of them women, who work in a market where there was no professional sharpener able to deliver consistently high quality work. They saw the opportunity to provide a necessary service and took advantage of it. Many of them are now running a successful sharpening business with little or no competition.”


John teaches the traditional Japanese style of sharpening, the only method employed by the biggest names in the industry.


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John’s training program is three days of practical, one-on-one, hands-on education that covers all of the essential skills necessary to prepare a student for excellence in the field. Students use the same machine and tools that John uses in the field every day, and most importantly, they learn the same proven techniques that have earned him recognition as one of the country’s top sharpeners. Heavy emphasis is placed on learning to execute the details that separate the few quality sharpeners from all of the others.


“I’m confident in my skill as a sharpener,” says John. “And I’m equally confident in my ability to teach the craft to others. All a student needs is a desire to learn and some basic manual dexterity, which my stylist students already demonstrate every day while doing hair.”


Wicked Sharp Shears is certified by some of the most notable brands in the country to preserve all original manufacturer warranties.


Business Tips from John
Always present yourself like a confident professional. This is a constant theme during his training. Beyond dressing like a professional, John urges students to conduct themselves as such in all aspects of their business, and to exude confidence in their ability to help customers solve their sharpening problems. With his training and continuing mentorship, students have every reason to be confident.


2. Be patient and don’t start until your skills are up to speed. John says the worst thing you can do is burn bridges in your local salons by doing substandard work. “I urge students to practice what they have learned from me for a couple weeks before starting out. I even give scissors to practice with. The smartest thing I ever did was to wait until I knew I could handle anything put in front of me.”



Student Testimonials:
“To anyone considering starting up a sharpening business I highly recommend John Kuiper for all your training needs. John is competent, patient and passionate about his sharpening skills and will never teach you a short cut. I took his three day course and left with a total understanding of how to sharpen with confidence and precision. He now mentors me and always has a solution for any circumstances I may run into. Thank you John for your knowledge and expertise. I could not imagine starting up my business without your extensive training.”
Jessica Burrow, San Tan Valley, AZ


“John’s expertise is immeasurable, and his training was fun and exciting. If anyone has thoughts of becoming a sharpener, I recommend John 100%. He’s confident, knowledgeable and honest. I’ve been a stylist for  more than 10 years and I now understand my shears on a whole new level. Thank you John.” 
Adam Fisher Buffalo, NY


“John went WAY beyond my expectations as a teacher. He is organized and thorough, and presents this detailed craft in an easy to understand way. I can’t express my gratitude and appreciation for getting me started in a new career that I’m going to love. His kindness, patience and expertise were invaluable.”
Riviera Semrau Fresno, CA


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