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Last updated: August 08, 2017

Shear Sharpening: Straight to the Point

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What is an artist without a paintbrush? How about a stone mason without a hammer? In order to maximize your potential in your trade, you need the proper tools. Hairstylists are no different. To be successful behind the chair, stylists need many tools, but none is quite as important as the most rudimentary of them all: a good pair of shears.


Can you imagine hairstyling without shears? Exactly.


However, shears don’t stay sharp forever. Like any tool, dull blades require maintenance. But not everyone can sharpen a pair of shears properly. Did you know that some major brands void their lifetime warranties if you let an unauthorized sharpener handle your blades? This is a fact that Jason Pintel, founder of the International Shear Sharpeners Guild, wants all stylists to know.


“Anyone wishing to become a shear sharpener can be in business virtually overnight. The easy availability of inexpensive equipment and the popularity of training videos have created a sharpening workforce that is largely lacking the skills to perform precision work on such delicate tools,” warns Jason. “How many stylists could do a great job on highlights if their only training came from a video and the color from a box in the grocery store?”



Exercise Caution
Haircuts depend on two things–the skillset of the stylist and the quality of the shears. And the quality of the blades is only as good as the person who sharpens them. Being that the market is currently filled with underqualified sharpeners, the key for stylists to remember is to do research, be selective and choose wisely. Wherever and whenever possible, only use a sharpener who you know and trust or who comes highly recommended from someone whose opinion you value.  In many cases, the best option is to mail your shears to a professional with certifications and specific authorizations from highly regarded shears manufacturers. Your career is important, your shears are important to your career and your sharpener is important to your shears. If your sharpener damages your shears, your livelihood suffers.


John Kuipers of Wicked Sharp Shears in Jupiter, FL offers stylists peace of mind when it comes to finding an authorized, experienced and timely sharpener. John, a man “obsessed with the art and science of fine salon shear sharpening,” has earned his reputation as being one of the most talented sharpeners in the field. Wicked Sharp Shears has partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the industry—Washi, Shark Fin and Shears Direct—meaning no lifetime warranties will be voided. As well, John offers a full replacement if any damage to the shears occurs during the sharpening process. Finally, John is versed in the various qualities of steel from one scissor to the next, and is capable of working with any steel to achieve the proper balance of sharpness and durability for your blades. 


For further information and customer testimonials, visit As well, John promises to have your dull shears sharpened and returned to you within 48 hours of him receiving them. For more information on Wicked Sharp Shears mail-in service click here. Interested in a precision sharpening? Click here for an order form.