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Last updated: November 25, 2020

How To Make Your Scissors Last As Long As Possible ✂️

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This Problem Might Be Ruining Your Scissors

When’s the last time you checked the tension on your scissors? Not sure? You might be causing damage, shortening their lifespan and end up making a poor return on your investment. That’s why we’re sharing a step-by-step guide that will make your scissors last as long as possible (up to 25 years!). Keep scrollin’ for everything you need to know!


1. Why Scissors Don’t Last & How To Fix It

There are many reasons that scissors don’t last as long as they should. Here’s how to identify the problem and resolve it ASAP: 

  • The Problem: Shorter lifespans are the result of inferior metal and manufacturing processes, sharpening your scissors too often, dropping or neglecting your scissors, and a reason you probably didn’t think about—improper, loose tension.
  • The Solution: Invest in a pair of scissors that are made from quality steel, like the PHANTOM 6″ scissor from ARC™ Scissors, made from 100% handmade from Takefu VG-10 Japanese steel. Proper tension will allow longer times between sharpening while loose tension results in premature damage, leaving small nicks in the blades that can cause hair to bend or fold instead of providing a clean cut.


Looking for new ✂️?! Make & maintain a major return on your investment with ARC™ Scissors—100 percent handmade, high carbon Japanese scissors! 


2. Why Loose Tension Can Ruin Scissors

Your scissors aren’t dull—they are possibly too loose and not properly adjusted. Even the highest quality professional scissors will bend hair and appear dull if the blade tension is too loose.


Here’s Why: Scissor blades are designed with a slight curvature so when they’re screwed together, there is a degree of force that keeps the cutting edges in constant contact while cutting—aka the “set” of blades. If they are too loose, this force is lost and the edges lose contact with each other. This bends the hair instead of cutting it. The PHANTOM 6″ scissor from ARC™ Scissors is fit with our Japanese stainless steel flat tension screw and is adjustable with a coin or screwdriver. This advanced tension system distributes precise and even tension from pivot to tip and is extremely stable, delivering perfect balance day after day.



3. How To Check The Tension On Your Scissors

  1. Hold the thumb blade in the 12 o’clock position with the tip pointing toward the ceiling.
  2. Then, lift the finger blade to the nine o’clock position and gently release it—the finger blade should stop between 10 and 11 o’clock.
  3. Adjust the tension screw by loosening or tightening very slightly (one click at a time) and repeat the first two steps until the proper tension is achieved.
  4. Thinners and texturizers should adjust slightly tighter, around 10 o’clock.


Watch How It’s Done Below!


Ready to try the PHANTOM 6″ scissor from ARC™ Scissors for yourself? Click here to purchase you’re pair of PHANTOM 6″ scissor from ARC™ Scissorand make fixing shear tension easy! 


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