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Last updated: December 20, 2017

Have You Seen The Latest Cutting Craze To Hit Instagram?

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When a new tool, technique or product makes its way in to the industry, it’s bound to pop up all over your Instagram feed. Which is exactly how we found the latest cutting tool to stir some buzz among the hairdressing community—and it’s giving us MAJOR Edward Scissorhands vibes. Enter The Clawz. We decided to get to the bottom of what makes them so buzz-worthy, so here’s what we found out! 


Watch The Clawz in action!


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What is it?
The Clawz, created by Valentino Lo Sauro (@clawzgeneration), are shears that sit on the fingertips and allow stylists to work directly with their fingers to layer the hair with a non-structured technique.


According to their website, they cut hair from the inside out, “…giving your designs more air flow through the invisible tunnels of inner texture, fluffing the hair upward to maximize volume.” 


Instagram via @clawzgeneration


The technique.
1. Working on hair that is clean and wet, start by creating the foundation of the cut with your go-to conventional cutting tools.


2. Once the length is decided, trim the ends. If she wants bangs, select the desired length.


3. Then, now that the foundation of the cut is established, use The Clawz to either remove excess weight or to create volumized texture.

It’s super versatile.
While The Clawz is ideal for cutting interior layers or removing excess weight, they can also be used to trim fringe, texturize a blunt cut, shaping layers or a razor cut, and can be used on men, women, long, medium or short hair. See how to create a shaggy bob with just one finger in the video below!