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Last updated: July 19, 2017

8 Things to Know When Selecting the Right Pair of Shears

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Let’s be honest—choosing a new set of shears can be tough, but as a professional stylist choosing the right set can make a huge difference in the quality of your work. So what do you do when you’re in need of a new pair? No worries! With help from FUEL you’ll never have to second guess your shears again. Here are eight tips to remember when finding the perfect shears! After all, they are one of your most valuable tools!


1. One size fits all doesn’t apply.
Every stylist’s needs are different, so it is important to find a pair that suits you and your cutting style.


2. Comfort and control are the most important factors.
When it comes to comfort, select a handle type and finger rest that feels right in your hand. Control is determined by blade length. Blade length will also be determined by the type of cutting you do.


3. A sword edge is perfect for precision cutting.
This blade pushes the hair away quickly and is slightly less forgiving, making it ideal for cutting around the ears, perimeter cutting and strong precision cuts.


This haircut was created with Fuel Lefty 5.5 inch shears.


4. Want a softer finish? Use a clamshell edge.
Clamshell edges are created using a Japanese sword-making technique to create a rounded edge. This draws the hair in and leaves a soft, feathered end result.


This look was created with Fuel Iconic Cobalt 5.5 inch shears.


5. Handles matter.
When using a straight handle your wrist bends slightly—some stylists prefer this, but others argue it can lead to repetitive wrist strain. Offset handles are designed for maximum comfort, because the handles are slightly angled to keep your hand and wrist in it’s natural position.


6. Build a kit with at least four pairs of shears.
In your everyday kit you should have shears for cutting wet hair, a 30-teeth blender, shears for dry-cutting and a 14-teeth blender for fashion cuts.


7. Keep them clean!
Take care of your shears—they are an investment, so be sure to clean them with an oilcloth before storing.



8. Pick shears from a company that backs them up.
Purchase shears from a company that is just as invested in them as you are. All Fuel Shears are covered by the Forever Fuel Lifetime Guarantee, provided that they are serviced and sharpened through Fuel.



Think you have the perfect shears for your craft? Check out Fuel’s shear collection, which includes a true Lefty Collection in addition to their Flowline, Iconic, Prism and Smartflow series.