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June 6, 2016

How-To: Smoothing Natural Curls with No Chemicals!

Smoothing Natural Curls

So your curly girl LOVES her hair—and why wouldn’t she! Killer texture and amazing volume? Gorgeous! But sometimes, she just wants to switch it up for a little bit. What she doesn’t want? Hours with a flat-iron or any more chemical straightening products. 

No problem! All you need is your trusty Power Styler ceramic blow dryer attachments (good for any flat-edged nozzle!)—for a super quick blow-dry—and a round brush.

See how it’s done!

1. After clipping the top and sides of the hair away, begin styling at the bottom section near the occipital bone.

2. Straighten the hair from root to midlengths by positioning your Power Styler directly above the cuticle. Hover over the midlengths, moving back and forth to thoroughly dry and straighten, and then follow through to the ends.

3. Once one section is thoroughly straightened and curled, move upwards and to the side, section by section, until you’ve completed one half of the head.

4. Once you’ve completed half of the head, it’s time to work on the hair closest to the hairline. Work in line with your client’s part, hovering over the cuticle with the Power Styler, moving slowly from root to ends.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other half of the head.

Super curious? Yeah, we thought so.
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