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Last updated: November 10, 2017

How-To: Rooty Pink Pixie

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An edgy, piecey pixie, a deep shadow root and perfectly grungy pink color? Sign us up! We are obsessed with this look by Maggie Kime (@bymaggiekime) from Salon Lucé in Davenport, Iowa, and so are you guys, since it got over 6k likes on our Instagram! Lucky for us, Maggie shared her color formulas, cutting how-to AND pricing. Check it out!

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Starting Level: Neutral Level 4 base, Level 6 faded ends

Color Formulas
Formula A: Equal parts Kevin.Murphy COLOR.ME 3.0 + COLOR.ME 4.8 + 20-volume developer

Formula B: Kevin.Murphy CREAM.LIGHTENER + 20-volume developer

Formula C: Pulp Riot Mercury (40%) + Pulp Riot Cupid (30%) + Pulp Riot Lilac (15%) + Pulp Riot Clear (15%)

1. Apply Formula A at the base and balayage with Formula B. “I focused most of the highlighting toward her face and gradually highlighted less as I neared her occipital ridge,” Maggie shares. 

2. Process for 25 minutes, then shampoo. “At this point, her base was a fresh and violet-y Level 3 and her ends were a Level 10,” Maggie says. “The area where the two met was a warm Level 7.”

3. Apply Formula C to the prelightened ends, making sure to overlap the warm band. 

4. Process for 30 minutes, then shampoo. Blow-dry with IGK Call Time and finish with IGK Broken Dreams.

Cutting How-To
1. Create a diagonal parting from the front right side of the hairline to the opposite corner of the nape, ending on the back left side. Cut that hair with a #3 guard, blending downward.

2. Slide-cut to push the hair away from the shaved side and more toward the face.

3. Deeply point-cut through the front to eliminate some dry ends and add piecey texture.

Base and highlight: $95
Add-on pull-through color: $30
Haircut: $40
Total: $165