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Last updated: December 04, 2017

7 More Exclusive Formulas From BTC COLOR Show Artists

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Backstage at the 2012 BTC COLOR Show, the dye was flying as the world’s top haircolor artists mixed up bowl after bowl of exquisite formulas. The mixtures became magic as the models hit the stage—appreciative audience members hooted and hollered in appreciation for the glorious reds, lush brunettes and sparkling blondes. Ready for a review? Here are 7 über fabulous COLOR Show formulas.



1. Jessica Rabbit Red


Produced by: Goldwell (John Simpson, Dimitrios Tsioumas, Rebecca Hiele and Daniel Rubin)


Before: Medium/Dark Auburn
Formula A (base color): Goldwell Topchic Max Reds 700 + 8KG + 20-volume developer
Formula B (glaze): Goldwell Colorance 7RO + 9KG + Colorance Lotion



2. Silvery Lavender


Produced by: TIGI (Christel Lundqvist and Richy Kandasamy)


Formula A (prelighten): TIGI True Light White + 20-volume developer
Formula B (tone): TIGI Copyright Colour Gloss 0/08 + 4/2 + 8.5 Activator. Apply toner first to roots, then pull through.



3. Autumn Explosion


Produced by: Aveda (Ian Michael Black)


Formula A (Russet): Aveda Full Spectrum Protective Permanent Creme Haircolor 40g 5 Natural Lightest Brown + 3g Dark Yellow/Orange Pure Tone + 2g Orange Pure Pigment + 40g 20-volume Color Catalyst Creme Developer
Formula B: (Intense Fire):
Aveda Full Spectrum Protective Permanent Creme Haircolor 10g 6 Natural Dark Blonde + 30g Intense Base + 4g Red Pure Pigment + 40g 30-volume Color Catalyst Creme Developer
Formula C:
(Light Intense Sienna): Aveda Full Spectrum Protective Permanent Creme Haircolor 10g 8 Natural Light Blonde + 30g Intense Base + 16g Light Orange/Red Pure Tone + 8g Light Yellow/Orange Pure Tone + 40g 30-volume Color Catalyst Crème Developer



4. Sparkling Prosecco 


Produced by:  Aloxxi (Teri Dougherty and Candace Bossendorfer)


Formula A (prelighten): Aloxxi White Lightener + 20-volume developer
Formula B (toner):
Aloxxi Tones Demi-Permanent Color 9P + 7-volume developer
Formula C (toner):
Aloxxi Tones Demi-Permanent Color 10A + 7-volume developer



5. Portwine 


Produced by:  Kenra (Robb Dubré, Davin Testerman and Timothy Durant)


Formula A: 1 oz. Blonding Creme + ¼ oz. Violet Booster + 2 oz. Kenra Permanent Color 30-Volume Developer.  Place in foils utilizing the Block Diffusion pivotal slicing technique
Formula B:
Kenra Demi Permanent Color 1 oz. 1N + 2 oz. Kenra Demi-Permanent 9V Activator.  Apply to unfoiled hair.



6. Blue Ribbon Blonde 


Produced by:  Joico and Minardi Luxury Color Care (Beth Minardi)


Natural level: 7
Formula A (root area):
Joico Vero K-PAK Base Breaker + 20-volume developer (process 5-7 minutes)
Formula B (highlights): 
Joico VeroLight + 20-volume developer
Formula C (lowlights):
Joico Vero K-PAK Chrome Demi-Permanent Crème Color B9 + G9 + activator.



7. Pink Carnation 


Produced by:  Farouk Systems (Lisa Marie, Lorena Garcia and Maggie Karcher)


Starting level: 8
Formula A (pre-lighten):
CHI Blondest Blonde + 30-volume developer
Formula B (tone):
CHI Chromashines Demi-Permanent Color 1 ¾-oz. Fuchsia + ¼-oz. Pure Pink


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