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Last updated: June 17, 2019

So, Your Client Wants Fashion Colors? Hand Her This!

So, your client wants to be a unicorn…now what?

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Dear clients, we love you…but it’s time for us to talk about fashion colors. Before giving your clients a unicorn-worthy transformation, it’s important to educate them on what it really takes to achieve and maintain colorful hair. Pulp Riot educator Shurie Saxelby (@shurie) shared the five MAJOR things your client should know about fashion colors on her Insta page, and we’re breaking it down for the BTC community. Next time your client comes in requesting a fashion color, print this out and send them home with these five things to think about! 



1. It’s going to take time—aka multiple appointments.

  • Before we take you to great, colorful heights—it’s going to take some work to get you light enough for that unicorn color! If your hair is virgin, naturally dark or has EVER been colored darker, it’s going to take longer to achieve the color you’re dreaming of.
  • Already blonde? It will still take a couple of processes to prepare your hair for a trendy pastel.
  • We’ll keep your hair looking good in-between appointments. If you want lavender, we can start with a darker violet and slowly go lighter!


2. You’re going to be in the salon for a long time.

  • What does it take to achieve a fashion color? Extracting previous color, lightening once (or twice!), applying color, cutting and drying—basically, expect to be here for awhile.
  • Between every step, you’ll need a blow dry and treatments to keep your hair happy and healthy.
  • Expect to be in the salon 3-8 hours per visit!


Instagram via @shurie


3. It’s not cheap.

  • Lots of steps = $$$. When you’re working toward a fashion color, you’ll get what you pay for, and a major transformation costs your stylist lots of time and money.
  • Talk to your stylist about how much you are willing to spend, so you can set a plan and a set of expectations that are realistic.



4. You have to be blonde to achieve a fashion color.

  • At the VERY least, you have to be a dark blonde before having a fashion color. Blonde hair means damage, so it’s crucial that you take care of yourself with good products.
  • When we recommend products for you, please listen. Damaged hair doesn’t hold color, so if you are going to invest in a fashion color protect your investment (and your hair!)


Instagram via @shurie


5. Fashion colors are high maintenance and fade quickly.

  • Fashion colors are direct dyes for TEMPORARY color, so even with proper care, they will last 4-8 weeks.
  • Pastels have a shorter lifespan because they are sheer and light, typically lasting from 1-2 weeks.
  • You can maintain color more easily with aftercare products recommended by your stylist.