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Last updated: January 03, 2018

Don’t Fear the Beard: 3 Steps to a Moneymaking Beard Service

Keep him hairy, not scary

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A surefire way to keep your male clients loyal? Providing an amazing cut, of course, but also—his beard! Beard trims are an easy add-on service that can take as little as five minutes, plus it’s another way to demonstrate your expertise and make product recommendations to increase your retail sales. We have the beard breakdown from Floyd’s 99 Barbershop—keep reading!


1. Establish your credibility.

  • Provide a thorough consultation—you’re the expert, so feel empowered to make suggestions based on what your client needs.
  • The more knowledge you share with your client, the more credible you become, and the more he’ll come back!
  • Keep in mind that each client is unique, with natural hair growth patterns and preferences which will influence your approach. There is no one-size-fits-all beard!


2. Analyze his face shape and customize his beard trim.



The forehead is the widest part of the face, with a small chin.

Pro Tip: A full beard is the best option to balance a narrow chin and broad forehead.

Things to Avoid: No facial hair at all. Make sure your client keeps at least a five o’clock shadow.



The face is equal in length and width with a strong jawline.

Pro Tip: Keep the chin and jawline area rounder to soften the jawline while maintaining a masculine shape. Keep more hair on the chin and less hair on the sides.

Things to Avoid: Creating too hard of an angle, which over-exaggerates the jawline and makes your client look wider.




The face is circular-shaped, with a rounded chin and few angles.

Pro Tip: Keep it short on the cheeks and give the chin length to create the illusion of a longer face with a masculine jawline.

Things to Avoid: Rounded edges and allowing your client to go too long between trims—a long, unkempt beard will only accentuate the round shape.



A broad jawline and narrow forehead.

Pro Tip: Keep the sides tapered in and the chin area squared off to balance the broad jawline.

Things to Avoid: A full beard or too much fullness along the sides of the face, which can make the jawline appear wider than it is.


3. Recommend the right products.

  • Beard hair is more brittle than head hair, so it’s important to recommend the correct products for a healthy beard.
  • Beard oils are an easy introductory product for clients who want to maintain their beards.
  • Floyd’s 99 Barbershop stylists love the Bearded Bastard Woodsman Beard Oil—it softens and conditions the beard, moisturizes the skin under the beard to prevent itching and reduces breakage.
  • Short-bearded guys should use a boar bristle beard brush.
    • The bristles help spread oils through the beard and are stiff enough to comb out tangles, but gentle enough to brush against the skin.
  • Guys with long beards should use a handmade or laser-etched, wide-toothed wooden comb plus a boar bristle beard brush.
    • Combs made from molds have small burrs on the teeth that can cause breakage.