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Last updated: February 11, 2019

Barber Tells His Client To Grow A Beard & You Won’t Believe What Happens Next

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There’s nothing more inspiring than a dramatic, life-changing transformation—so it’s no surprise when these stories (and their powerful before and after shots!) go absolutely viral on social media. BTC reposted what happened when a barber told his client to grow a beard…and the internet went crazy. See what the hype is about below! 



When 22-year-old Gwilym Pugh’s (@gwilymcpugh) barber told him to grow a beard, he was a shy businessman running an insurance company out of his spare bedroom. Due to injuries and his “work from home” lifestyle, Gwilym was overweight and unhappy at 280 pounds. So when Gwilym went to the salon for a haircut, his barber motivated him to grow facial hair. With new life goals and a barber that believed in him, this appointment kicked off a totally new lifestyle of self care—eating healthy, working out and (of course) growing out his beard!


Click through to see Gwilym’s dramatic transformation!

All Photos via @gwilymcpugh


Now, 10 years later, Gwilym is signed by the London-based agency AMCK Models and works on major campaigns like Vans, Bud Light and Diesel. Plus, he’s an ambassador for David Beckham’s new male grooming brand House 99! Thanks to Instagram, we can fangirl over Gwilym’s hunky photos all day and follow his incredible journey!



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