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Last updated: November 24, 2020

4 Tips To Keep Your Men From Cheating

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Male clients are your most loyal, especially if you focus on the details—like nailing that beard blend. Keep your men from cheating with these tips!



1. The Wow Technique

Anyone can use a texturizing shear to blend weight out of the parietal ridge, but a true expert will use the razor-over-comb technique. This helps blend, soften and take weight out of this transition area, creating a “wow” factor that your clients will notice!



  1. Use a sharp feather razor to remove excess weight when blending around the parietal ridge.
  2. From underneath the section, lift the hair straight out with a comb to create tension.
  3. Glide the feather razor back and forth across the comb, making sure to texturize no deeper than the midshaft.



2. Work By The Ears With Confidence

“The way you handle a man’s ears conveys confidence,” says Matty Conrad (@mattyconrad), founder of Victory Barber & Brand.. So follow these tips: 


  • Do not over-bend the skin away.
  • Hold the ear down, fold it over the anchor point—the highest point on the side of the head—and trim with your trimmer on its side in a nice, rounded shape to the center.



3. Blending the Beard

This is an essential part of the haircut. You want to create a clean transition from the haircut to the beard for a polished and complete look. This small detail will set you apart from other stylists and will keep your clients coming back. 


  • Outline the jaw to give it more strength. “The longest part of the beard should be right at the chin, which is the longest part of the face,” notes Matty. “It should amplify that.”


  • Too much hair under the beard (at the roundness of the neck) will make him look chubbier—make sure no part of the beard is hanging lower than the front line of his beard. 


  • Too often, barbers will go under the jaw line and carve anything out. Matty advises against that unless the plan is to give him a chin strap. Instead, make sure the line that you choose when his head is in its natural resting position hugs just slightly below his natural beard line.



  1. For a simple beard fade, use the shortest length of the hair by the top of the ear as a guide. Don’t fade past the middle of the ear. **For a more dramatic fade, you can take the transition lower, but make sure you consult with your client first!**
  2. Anchor the comb vertically against the side of the head at the transition area. Pivot the comb at a slight angle away from the face, and use trimmers to blend.
  3. Don’t be afraid to do some freehand detail work with trimmers or scissors.


4. Taper the Neckline

The difference between a good haircut and a great haircut is how well it grows out. Tapering the neckline is an easy way to give men a clean finish and a longer-lasting cut.



  • Tapering the neckline can be done on a variety of hairstyles from short fades to longer businessmen cuts.
  • Do not take the taper higher than the occipital bone.


BONUS: Create a Memorable Experience

“If all we’re doing is learning how to cut a better hair cut, and learn how to cut a perfect hair cut, we’re missing out on 50 percent of why people are there,” shares Matty. So give your male clients a reason to come back!


One idea? If you can, use a straight razor to trim his neck, using a rich shaving cream and a hot towel for a luxurious, barbershop vibe. If you can’t use a straight razor, use a trimmer—but still incorporate a hot towel and use aftershave to maintain that luxurious vibe.


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