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Last updated: May 17, 2021

Wait…WHAT? Diet Coke In Bleach?!

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Does This Really Work: Diet Coke In Bleach

Adding Diet Coke to bleach for root retouches?! We were SHOOK to see this video on IG, and after we reposted it and got 13.8k hearts, we know you were shook too! Here’s the info from @raehair__:


“Diet Coke & bleach is my little secret! I like to mix in a little Diet Coke to bleach when applying on scalp retouches,” she said.


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Why Would You Put Diet Coke In Bleach Formulas?

“Beach has an alkaline pH of 8-10. Diet Coke is acidic with a pH of 3. When mixed, it helps neutralize the bleach which prevents burning/tingling on the scalp and also closes the cuticle to help hair stay soft and shiny!”


It’s The New Version Of The Sweet’n Low Trick

Stylists sounded off in the comments about using the artificial sweetener Sweet’n Low in bleach formulas back in the day. Something about the ingredients—saccharin, dextrose and cream of tarter—supposedly help the client’s scalp from feeling itchy or burning. Many commenters said it was aspartame in both the Diet Coke and Sweet’n Low that helped with the burning feeling, but Sweet’n Low doesn’t contain any aspartame, so this is probably a stylist myth.


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But Remember…You Are A Professional

“I personally think it’s a placebo, I don’t think tampering with the chemistry of your lightener is a good idea. Especially if that client was to receive a chemical burn, and you had to tell them you put coke in their lightener, that could be a HUGE liability for you as a stylist,” said @hairbysarahjacobs


“Omg, NO!🤦 this is how you get sued! if *anything* goes wrong and the client gets pissed or severely injured (artificial sweeteners don’t stop lightener from giving people chemical burns, they only numb the client so they can’t feel if it’s burning them which is SO DANGEROUS), the product company won’t back you up and you’ll be screwed,” said Jen Ferguson on Facebook. “I don’t want to hear about how you’ve done it and it worked fine. It only needs to go wrong one time ever for it to be a huge problem. is that risk really worth your career and your clients?? Like… come on. There are literally real products formulated by, ya know, CHEMISTS to do this kind of stuff.”


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