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Last updated: September 22, 2022

4 Bleach Root Touch-Up Hacks To Steal From Instagram

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Four Tricks To Master Bleach Root Touch-Ups On Any Blonde Client

How do you perfect bleach root touch-ups without banding or breakage? Ask blonding master Josie Vilay (@josievilay)! Her IG is the source of these genius tips on corrective versus maintenance touch-ups, rescheduling strategies, GOLD toning tips (yes, gold!) and processing hacks…so keep reading!


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1. Re-Brighten Blonde Without Bleach

When your platinum client comes back darker than before, where do you begin?! Do you layer on another toner, risk a chemical cut, tiptoe around banding—there feels like no right option. Hard water, excessive use of purple shampoos and even toner buildup can alter clients’ pale blonde within weeks—leaving our hands tied to either save their hair or give them the blonde they’re paying for.


Instead of taking a gamble, Josie shares her favorite way to bring clients back to their bright blonde is using Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME® Detoxifying System after a root touch-up. Formulated with vitamin C, the detoxifying system removes harsh water minerals and unwanted buildup from the hair, leaving it visibly brighter.

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A post shared by Josie Vilay | Color Educator (@josievilay)


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2. Use Gold Tones For Platinum Roots

Freshly lightened roots will grab onto any tones so although it sounds crazy, go for the gold! Avoid muddy blonding and grab a gold-based toner instead of the typical ash to eliminate green or blue hues popping up during processing—end result? Perfect platinums! 


Josie demos how she uses a golden tone like Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA VIBRANCE® 9.5-5 Pastel Gold on freshly lightened hair to achieve a creamy, platinum color after a root touch-up. 

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A post shared by Josie Vilay | Color Educator (@josievilay)


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3. Determine Corrective Or Regular Bleach Root Touch-Ups

Do your bleach retouch clients come back on schedule, or do they push their appointments too far? If your client is coming in with major regrowth on dark roots, that’s more than a regular root touch-up. 


Choose the right process for your client confidently with help from the comparison below! You’ll see the two application techniques Josie chooses from to save her client’s hair from any breakage or banding.


“I created this visual for both clients and stylists help visualize the difference between both processes,” says Josie.

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A post shared by Josie Vilay | Color Educator (@josievilay)


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4. How To Rebook Bleach Root Touch-Ups

Not sure when to book your clients’ retouches? Use their natural hair color as a guide:


Levels 2-6: Rebook every 4-6 weeks for maintenance.

“I recommend this because guests with darker levels need to have smaller regrowth in order to get a clean lift without banding,” explains Josie. “Heat from the scalp breaks through the orange/red processing phase—the heat can only travel down so far, meaning if the regrowth is too long the lightener will create a band where the heat doesn’t reach.” 


Levels 7+: Rebook every 7-9 weeks for maintenance.

“Clients with levels 7 and above can wait a little longer because their light hair color doesn’t have to fight through as much warmth when processing,” says Josie.


Pro Tip: Help clients maintain freshly applied toners between touch-up appointments. Josie’s go-to rec is BLONDME® All Blondes Rich Mask to keep blondes strong with a healthy-looking shine.


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