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Last updated: October 15, 2020

Chris Appleton Talks Celeb Hair Trends, COVID-19 & His Masterclass

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Instagram via @chrisappleton1 (taken pre-COVID).

Chris Appleton’s Advice To Hairdressers To Stay Inspired, Motivated & On-Trend

When your regulars are J.Lo, Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian West, a normal day behind the chair includes travel, studio sets, house calls and starting global trends with every move you make. Just ask celeb hairdresser Chris Appleton (@chrisappleton1). 😉 But when COVID-19 hit, everything paused—here’s how the Color Wow Global Creative Director is adjusting to the new normal, and sharing helpful advice that every stylist will appreciate. 


BTC Editorial Director Lauren Rees went on IG Live with Chris to talk about how quarantine is inspiring his work, changing the way he approaches services and even sparking the return of more natural, relaxed beauty trends. Keep reading for some of our fave takeaways and watch the full interview on IGTV below!


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How Chris Stayed Motivated Through Quarantine

Through shelter-in-place, Chris, like so many hairdressers, reflected on how to continue his passion for hair without being able to be with people in real life. At the same time, being at home presented new opportunities and ways of perfecting his craft.


“Everything became an online project…I was teaching my clients what to do with their hair, how to cover their roots themselves,” he shared. “We just have to mentally change the approach of what clients need at home. Maybe their visits are spread out, they want to know how to touch up their roots at home. A lot of people were doing their hair for the first time in a long time, teaching them how to look good… I had to change the approach of everything I was doing, as everyone has.”


He started creating more tutorials for how to style hair at home and launched a YouTube channel. “My whole Instagram has changed a little bit. I tried to change the approach to be less of what you see as Chris Appleton and more of what I actually do,” he said. “As a community, we need to come together and educate one another and that’s why BTC is so amazing, you have this community where you’re giving back constantly, so I kind of took a piece of that kind of approach and tried to inspire people…We’re taking a little bit of the smoke and mirrors off and making it a bit more real.”



How To Stay Inspired + Prevent Hairdresser Burnout During COVID-19

Because Chris is a stylist to some of the planet’s biggest celebs, the looks he creates often become must-have trends overnight. No pressure, right? So how does he keep things fresh?


“You have to really put your heart and soul into what you do and stay motivated by bringing new techniques, new trends and new looks. I live in Hollywood and it’s demanding. Instagram now constantly requires new looks,” he said. “I could just roll up to work and do a beachy wave but I don’t, I elevate it.”


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Good to be Back in Paris 🐆

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His advice: Pushing yourself out of your own comfort zone will pay off in your craft and artistry, AND with your clients. “People appreciate it when you say, ‘Have you thought about doing this?’ People like the fact that you’re not just comfortable,” Chris shared. “Our job is to encourage people to express themselves through their hair. We can all get demotivated, we can all get a bit lost, a bit comfortable. Especially what’s happening now, this is not a time to get comfortable. It’s time to change the game. We all have to change the game right now and get on with it before the next wave of change happens.”


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Grammys night with Dua 🪐

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And if you’re feeling lost in this industry as we all work through the global pandemic, you’re not alone. But use this to your advantage. “Take [yourself] out of the comfort zone and constantly strive to have that same passion that we had when we first qualified and went on the floor and we were so excited to have clients,” he said.


Trend Alert: ’90s Chunky Color & “Supermodel” Blowouts

The big, bouncy blowout is BACK—but not what you may remember from the ACTUAL ’90s. Trends like super chunky highlights and old school runway model hair (think Cindy Crawford!) are everywhere this season, but the difference is giving them a contemporary polish.


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“Fashion’s come around, and we’ve evolved into something new,” he said. “Now it’s about sexy, moveable hair as opposed to everything being plastered down…we have so much more access now to great hair. I always try to make it feel beautiful and sexy. What makes it feel modern is having more of a relaxed feeling to it.”


For example, big hair TODAY is tossable, sexy and soft, versus the heavily sprayed look of the past. “Anyone can make the hair big but there’s a difference between big stiff hair and big sexy hair that moves when you walk,” Chris said. Take the look he created for J.Lo during her 2020 Super Bowl performance. “Every time she moved, her hair moved with her. It didn’t work against her, it worked with her,” he added.


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How To Register For Chris’s Digital Masterclass

“Society is really inspiring me right now,” Chris said. “It’s made me feel more grounded, more connected to what’s important. It’s made me take a step back into good beautiful hair, which never goes out of fashion.”


That’s why Chris is hosting a live online Masterclass with Color Wow at 1PM ET on Oct. 19. He’ll be showcasing how he gets the ’90s bouncy blowout his clients covet, other styling techniques he’s refined, and insights on how to elevate the guest experience for the new world. 


“Hair was the feel good factor for quarantine. People were looking at their hair to feel good about themselves,” he said. “It’s inspired me to think how we can change our service. People need to offer more to their clients, offer better services, offer the right products, show clients how to use the right products and how to extend the service they came in for.”


To register for the online live Masterclass, click here!


Watch the full interview!

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