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Last updated: August 08, 2017

Brushing Meets Styling with the New Stylus from FHI Heat

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Imagine if your hairbrush and your thermal styling tool had a torrid affair and then had a baby.  Their love child might just look like this—the new Stylus™ Thermal Styling Brush from FHI Heat. Conceived and created by beauty “matchmaker” and FHI Heat President Shauky Gulamani, it’s the first-ever thermal styling brush, and wouldn’t ‘ya know? It’s so new and different, it’s patent pending!


Want to see the Stylus™ in action? Check it out!



So what can this baby do? A better question would be—what can’t it do? Use it to create volume and body, lift at the crown, curls, flips and waves. It also smoothes naughty frizz and flyaways and controls unruly cowlicks. It can be used to create a completely new style between shampoos, and it’s the perfect touch-up tool. And here’s the thing—it’s as easy to use as, well, as a hairbrush! So for your client, that means no awkward angles, burned fingers or complicated tutorials. Can you say, “RETAIL?” Once your clients see how easy the Stylus™ is to use to get salon-gorgeous looks, this baby will fly off your shelves. And in case you haven’t noticed—the holidays are coming!



It’s no surprise that the Stylus™ came from the busy brain of Shauky Gulamani. Over the course of his career, he has been responsible for dozens of groundbreaking salon tools and products, including all kinds of versions of the indispensable ceramic flat iron. The idea for the Stylus™ occurred to him on a photo shoot. “We were prepping for one of our photo shoots,” he recalls, “and I noticed my brush sitting next to all of my FHI Heat tools. Immediately my mind started going 100 mph and I began thinking of all the incredible things a hairdresser could do with a heated styling brush.” 


From there, Shauky was off and running. Now it’s his personal favorite for use with clients and on shoots. “Think about it,” he says. “There are thermal round brushes, but not everyone uses them. Almost everyone who has hair owns a styling brush. By incorporating heat, the styling possibilities are endless. Use it for backcombing, and you create the volume every woman wants. Glide it through the hair and suddenly you have keratin-smooth texture without the keratin!”



So for those of you who like to know everything there is to know about your tools, here are the specs:
The Stylus™ features
• 7 chambers of ceramic heat
• 6 heavy duty nylon tips that control the hair as it’s styled
• 4 tourmaline ceramic heat conductors that generate hair healthy negative ions to lock in moisture, reduce static and create long-lasting style and shine
• Curved ridgeback design prevents hair from getting caught, twisting or tangling
• No burn! The brush never gets hot to the touch, so no scorched scalps, ears or fingers!
• 5 temperature settings for every hair type
• Speedy heat-up and reheating—takes just a few seconds
• Extra-long, 360 degree swivel cord lets you and your client style from any angle without cord interference or tangling.


The Stylus™ is available exclusively through Salon Centric.


There. Ain’t love grand?


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