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Last updated: May 29, 2018

Brooklyn Decker’s Textured Bob and Sparkling Blonde

open color formula
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  • existing level:

    8, natural roots with remaining highlights

  • Formula A (base):

    Goldwell Topchic New Blonde Base Lifting Cream + New Blonde developer

  • Formula B (balayage and highlights):

    Goldwell Oxyplatine + 10-volume developer (mix to desired consistency for foiling and balayage)

  • Formula C (balayage and highlights):

    20ml Goldwell Topchic Blonding Cream + 5ml 9G + 25ml 30-volume developer

  • Formula D (balayage and highlights):

    20ml Goldwell Topchic 9G + 5ml 8KG + 25ml 20-volume developer

  • Formula E (gloss):

    Goldwell Colorance Color Clear

Let’s face it—you could plop a floor mop on Brooklyn Decker’s head and she would still stop traffic. But her newest look—a swingy bob and ivory blonde hue with a hint of apricot—is, well, be-yond.


The actress decided to chop off more than 10 inches, and to do the deed, she put herself in the hands of the talented Luke and Rona O’Conner of Lukaro Salon in Beverly Hills. Luke and Brooklyn first connected on the set of her TV show, Friends With Better Lives, so he was familiar with her long, thick tresses. “Halfway through the final season of the show,” Luke reveals, “Brooklyn looked at me and announced, ‘When we are finished here, I want to cut my hair short.’ It’s what every hairdresser wants to hear!”



The Cut—Controlling Width and Texture
With Brooklyn, Luke’s challenge was to avoid “the pyramid,” which tends to happen when thick hair like hers is cut into a bob. His solution? First he created the perimeter line with his cutting shears, then he used his texturizing shears to create an undercut to trim away bulk. Luke reveals that he has an extensive collection of texturizing shears—10, 20, 30 and 50 percent—and he opted for the 50s to tame Brooklyn’s texture. He worked in 1-inch sections, positioning the texturizing shears downward.


Above the occipital, he used texturizing shears to blend and de-bulk vertical sections. He shortened a few crown sections to create what he calls the “Brigitte Bardot bump.” He created a blunt line that formed a gentle v-shape over the undercutting in back, and finished with a chin-length fringe.



The Color: Bright Blonde and Peek-a-Boo Pastel


Heavy dimensional highlights plus balayaged sections in tones of ivory and golden brown are accented with a few hints of pastel apricot in Rona’s color design and the result literally sparkles! “Brooklyn is a warm blonde so I did a quick base break with Goldwell Topchic New Blonde 5 Minute Base Lift,” Rona reveals. “It’s a safe, non-brassy, foolproof, five minute formula!” After processing, shampooing and drying the hair following the base lift, Rona went on to apply back-to-back highlights throughout.


She alternated lightener and a light golden blonde formula, and then interspersed fine slices of pale warm gold throughout to achieve a kiss of apricot. She also balayaged select “ribbons” on midlengths and ends for a sun-kissed effect.


“Check your work frequently,” Rona advises. “Start applying color in the back and work down and around—this is important when it comes to timing and ease of rinsing. When Formula B is processed to a true ivory, the section can be rinsed.”



After processing, Rona glossed the entire head to lock in shine, then shampooed and conditioned the hair with Goldwell Dual Senses Color Fade Stop Shampoo and Detangling Conditioner. Since her day at Lukaro, Brooklyn has been spotted sporting her It Cut in a variety of styles—from sleek to wavy to creased. And why not?


“Because we removed weight in the right places, added layers in the right places and established a length that teeters between short and midlength,” says Luke, “her options are truly endless!”