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Last updated: October 20, 2017

New From Goldwell: Gray Coverage With High Fashion Results

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When celebrity colorist Rona O’Connor (Debra Messing, Brooklyn Decker, Brooke Shields, Lucy Liu) invites you to her salon for an exciting haircolor reveal…you go. Happily.  And predictably, our trip to Lukaro Salon in Beverly Hills, which Rona owns with her adorable husband Luke, did not disappoint. Rona unveiled Goldwell’s new @Elumenated Naturals Grey to Gorgeous collection, which, she says, offers 100%, bulletproof gray coverage AND brilliant, shiny, high-fashion results. That’s right. You get the security of NN-style gray coverage without the matte, flat results! 


Rona says she’s over the moon with this new collection. “I’m always looking for the best gray coverage,” she told us, “and I always have to add a natural to my formulas, especially my reds, and then you get ‘root glow.’ These Colorance and Topchic @Elumenated Naturals balance the brighter pigments and offer predictable, consistent results.”


Rona reveals that she put the shades to the test—creating dozens of swatches in her kitchen on yak hair! “If yak hair can absorb something in 30 minutes,” she laughs, “it’s got to be good!” That’s because the range features revolutionary color technology that marries next-generation oxidative dyes with high performing, high-shine direct dyes that work on the outer layer of hair to create spectacular vibrancy while covering grey. And yes, we know what you’re thinking—don’t the direct dyes fade quickly? “Not at all!” says Goldwell Artistic Director Rebecca Hiele. “The direct dyes link with the oxidative dyes to prevent premature fading.”

Next step was testing on humans—namely three actual clients. Rona showed off the power of the new shades by creating a brunette, a “champagne” blonde and a “Marsala” redhead and the results were stunning:


Before & After


Rona and her Marsala redhead model (ruby copper)


Natural Level: 5 with 25 percent resistant gray
Base: Topchic @Elumenated Naturals
6N@KK + 7N@RR + 30-volume developer
Glaze: Colorance @Elumenated Naturals 6N@KK + 5N@RR + Clear + GG Mix for 5 minutes



Rona’s Champagne blonde model


Base: Colorance @Elumenated Naturals ½ 9N@BP + ½ 9N@BS + 20-volume developer
Face frame sections: Colorance @Elumenated Naturals 9N@BP + 20-volume developer
Highlights: Goldwell OxyPlatin + 20-volume developer
Toner: Express Colorance 10 Champagne 


Goldwell’s @Elumenated Naturals Collection will be available to salons in March, 2015. In the meantime, stock up on that yak hair so you can put it to the test!


Check out more photos from our visit with Rona and Luke at Lukaro here!