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Last updated: October 05, 2021

Anti-Aging Hair Secrets For Long-Lasting Blowouts

How To: Create A Smooth Blowout That Fights Against Aging

We hear it all the time from our clients: “I wish I could blow out my hair the way you do!” It can be a struggle to send clients home happy with smooth hair knowing they’ll be fighting their texture again come wash day. But—what if you were able to send them home with a fresh blowout that could last for up to five months? Read on for tips on turning unmanageable waves and curls into a sleek style with one anti-aging hair treatment you’ll want on your service menu!


Check out the video above from GKhair Ambassadors Keva Davis (@kevasdavis) and Lindsey Webb (@the.sunroomstudio) for demos on how to apply and customize a smoothing treatment to curly or wavy hair with proper blowout techniques to seal your client’s cuticle for long-lasting results!


Smoothing Hair Treatment

The magic words for this treatment + blowout service combo are “anti-aging” and “long-lasting” (like, up to five months long-lasting!). Keva uses GKhair’s The Best Coco vegan hair treatment to smooth out hair and reduce styling time for her clients. The treatment is formulated with GKhair’s Juvexin V2, an anti-aging protein blend that penetrates the hair from the inside out protecting against free radicals to keep hair healthy and youthful. Juvexin and other natural ingredients in the vegan formulation smooth the hair while replenishing vitamins, making this ideal to use for any curly or wavy textured client.


Apply The Best Coco evenly to damp hair and process for 40-60 minutes, depending on how much smoothing your client desires.


Pro Tip: Shampooing twice with GKhair pH+ Shampoo before applying the smoothing treatment is super important! Gentle cleansing agents clarify the scalp of any residues or product buildup while the shampoo’s pH level of 8.5 opens the cuticle to prep the hair for treatment processing.


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Seal Treatment In With Heat

Lock in the anti-aging benefits and long-lasting smoothness of The Best Coco treatment with a killer blowout. Check out these tips to send your clients home with the sleek styles they love!


1. Use A Tapered Concentrator 

Keva recommends grabbing a small tapered attachment for the blowdryer using high heat and high air flow settings to ensure heat will be evenly distributed on each section. This is key to making your blowouts last!


Working in small sections and concentrating heat down the entire hair shaft is the final step to ensure the smoothing treatment is set into the hair. Plus—sealing every strand releases the all shine and luster, making hair look salon-fresh for months!


2. Hover Blowdryer Over Hair

Do not apply the blowdryer directly to the hair or round brush! Instead, hover the blowdryer over each section of hair wrapped around the brush, directing hair and heat downwards.


When the blowdryer is applied directly to the round brush, the hair caught in-between the concentrator and bristles fly around and disrupt the smoothing effect. Hovering heat over the hair creates an airflow that seals the cuticle and fly-aways down for a sleek finish.




3. Flat Iron To Style

Once the hair is blowdried in place, feel free to use a flat iron to adjust any layers or add a little dimension to face framing pieces. Irons with titanium plates like GKhair’s One Control Titanium Flat Iron are great to use after a smoothing treatment to ensure that heat is evenly distributed around the hair shaft while styling. 


Check out this beautiful The Best Coco treatment before and after:

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