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Last updated: July 19, 2017

8 Tips for a Happier, More Successful Salon

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As the former manager of an Aveda Lifestyle Salon in San Luis Obispo, CA, Stephanie Jennings took the entire salon from booth rent to commission, and designed and developed the business’s new spa. She managed a team of 14 stylists, two massage therapists, two estheticians and four receptionists before heading off to her next big thing—the role of SVP of Sales at MINDBODY. Here are some valuable tips for success that she learned along the way!



How To Attract New Clients
Given our increasingly tech-savvy and mobile-focused clientele, embracing new technologies to improve client attraction and engagement can do wonders for your salon. How can you leverage technology to your full advantage?

1. Develop a strong online presence. Clients these days expect to be able to find you online, on  relevant listings, review sites and social media. 

2. Maintain a mobile friendly website. Developing mobile friendly web pages, opt-in client communications like reminders and confirmations via text messaging, and optimizing your website for mobile search are all ways to maximize your mobile influence.

How To Retain Existing Clients
Retaining existing clients is fundamental to running a successful salon for the long term. Using client communication and retention technologies can be effective and incredibly time-saving.

3. Social sharing will help keep your clients informed and help you stay connected with them outside of the salon—key to fostering a continuous relationship. Develop a client newsletter, make use of free social apps like Twitter and Facebook, and consider using a tailored mobile app that has your business logo and can be downloaded in the Apple and Android marketplace. Keeping your clients informed about various promotions and news items should become habit. 

4. Take advantage of client retention tools that track attendance, monitor no shows, and identify lapsed memberships so you can send automated “We Miss You” emails that incentivize return visits with special offers.



How To Create a Successful Salon Team Culture
Happy stylists make happy clients! Are your stylists smiling and excited to come to work? The energy and attitudes of your salon team affect the experience of each and every one of the clients who walk through your door. 

5. Focus on creating an atmosphere that encourages open and honest communication amongst your team—this will reduce tension and promote a positive, relaxed environment.

6. Promote a work-life balance mentality—keep an eye on hours to make sure your stylists and salon staff members aren’t swamped. Consider offering them a mobile management tool so that they can check their appointments from home.

7. Carve out time for regular stylist and staff meetings, lunches or off-site excursions outside of the salon. Spending time together outside of the salon—even just 10 minutes—can help your team bond and create a sense of belonging.

8. Reward your stylists for successes like selling products or welcoming returning clients— competitions are especially fun and will drive the behavior you’re seeking!

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