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Last updated: August 08, 2017

7 Tips To Supercharge Your Retail Game

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Lets’ face it, your number one priority in the salon is making your clients look and feel beautiful. And even though retail sales are a big part of working in the salon, for many stylists, retailing is an afterthought. Chad White, ColorProof Platform Artist, shares a few surefire tips to supercharge your retail game and boost your commission!


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1. Consultation is Key. Always start with a quick consultation and then take your client to the shampoo bowl for a clarifying treatment using ClearItUp Detox Shampoo.


2. Talk to Your Guest. While shampooing, ask your guest what their desired results for their visit are. Choose the correct ColorProof system based on their desired look and hair requirements (i.e., If they want volume, go with SuperPlump®).


3. The Full Experience. Apply the shampoo into the palm of your hand and hold it directly over the client’s face to engage their senses and to show them that they only need a small amount due to the high concentration of ColorProof’s formulas.


4. Seeing is Believing. Emulsify the shampoo with a small amount of water and again show the client, telling them that, “THIS is how it should look before applying.” Again, allow your guest to smell the product. Repeat with the conditioner of your choice.



5. No More Tangles. Towel-dry hair and before combing, apply an allover, liberal spray of WickedGood™ Weightless Shine Spray followed immediately by PureRelease® Instant Detangle. This combination will force water to be displaced and literally drip out of the hair. This is an amazing visual of how ColorProof’s nano technology works.


6. In Their Hands. After using each product, have your client hold it in their hands. With a simple “Could you hold this for a second for me?” you are psychologically transferring ownership from being “yours” to “mine.”


7. Walk Them Out. Always explain how to use each product, how much to use and the reasons why you chose it for their particular hair type. When saying goodbye, be sure to walk your client over to the cash register and show them the products you used on their hair so they can recreate the look at home. Voila! Your client can now make an informed purchasing decision and you just scored a retail sale!