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Last updated: January 27, 2023

5 Bob Cutting & Blowout Tips For Textured Hair

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5 Bob Cutting & Silk Press Tips For Textured Hair

We recently posted a bob cutting video from Kendra Alia (@ken__lili) on our IG that got more than 17k likes! So we reached out to the Florida-based stylist to get her cutting and silk press tips for creating a sleek, bouncy bob on curly and textured hair. Keep scrolling to see what she shared!


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1. Cutting Wet Or Dry Depends On The Curl Pattern

Deciding whether to do a wet or dry cut on curly or textured hair depends on how loose the curl pattern is. “In most cases cutting wet or dry is a preference. But when clients haven’t had a trim in a long time, I like to straighten the hair first so I can see clearly,” says Kendra. “Wet cuts depend more so on the style. If the hair texture is more coarse, I will at minimum blow the hair out. Curl patterns that are not as coarse, I will cut wet.”


Here’s Kendra Cutting Her Curly Client Wet Before Styling

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2. Get The Hair As Straight As Possible Before You Flat Iron

The blow drying process is very important when straightening curly and textured hair. “I try to get the hair nice and straight with the blow dryer, and [then] finish [the hair] off with the flat iron. I’m always making sure the hair has an even distribution of heat,” says Kendra.


Another point Kendra makes is how important it is to keep the hair hydrated when heat styling. She likes to use the PRAVANA NEVO Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment and Design Essentials Silk Essentials Thermal Straightening Treatment before blowdrying the hair.

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3. Always Start Your Bob Cut In The Back

Kendra recommends starting the haircut off at the back of the head to set the foundation for the bob. “Always start at the back perimeter to ensure an even cut,” she says.  “For cutting techniques, I like a one length, lined [blunt cut] or graduated, low [elevation cut]. These are always [a] great start to customizing a bob and I can always cut more if need be.”


Watch Kendra Cut The Perimeter Of This Bob

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4. Section The Hair Based On The Bob 

“I think the biggest mistake [stylists make] is not sectioning the hair before cutting,” says Kendra. “It is important to understand the type of bob cut the client wants, so the stylist knows how to section and cut [the hair].”


Notice a gap in your cutting knowledge? Kendra suggests that, “The best way to correct it is by taking cutting classes and always continuing [your] education.”


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5. Always Use A Rat Tail Comb When Flat Ironing The Hair

When you’re straightening curly and textured hair, it’s not enough to only use a flat iron. “As a professional, I always use a rat tail comb for silk pressing [the hair],” says Kendra. “Stylists [need to] use something to keep the hair aligned while going through [with] the flat iron.”


Check Out Kendra’s Cutting & Silk Press Technique 

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