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Last updated: April 16, 2019

3 Curly Hair Lessons From BTC’s First In-Person Class

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3 Curly Hair Lessons From BTC’s First In-Person Class

If you’ve ever taken a class on BTC University (if not, you really should!) you know that some of the hair industry’s biggest names have walked through The BTC House. So, when BTC opened its doors for our first in-person class, 10 stylists from all over the country jumped at the chance to take it. Curl Master Evan Joseph (@evanjosephcurls) was there to give the students all of his best curly hair tips and BTC’s Mary Rector-Gable even popped in to give the stylists a lesson on how to make their photos stand out on Instagram. Scroll through to get an inside look at the first BTC Sunday School class and some key lessons from the day.




Evan had two models with different hair textures to demonstrate his techniques. Keep scrolling for their before and afters! 


Model One had a softer natural curl.

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Lesson #1: The Perfect Consultation  

Having a curly client leave the salon feeling confident with their curls all begins with the consultation. Evan gave the stylists his best tips for making clients feel comfortable in the chair:

  • Ask the client permission to ask questions and also ask permission to touch their hair.
  • Ask questions about their everyday hairstyle, products they use and what they want out of their appointment without coming off as judgmental or humiliating.
  • Repeat everything back to them to make sure they know you heard them and are taking their opinions seriously.
  • Ask permission to proceed with the service and make recommendations.



Lesson #2: Rethink A Traditional Haircut

The main objective to cutting a curly client is to maintain the curl’s integrity, Evan explained to the class. “We always want the client to be confident in their hairstyle. Curly clients tend to be nervous or apprehensive about getting a haircut so we want them to relax and feel heard.” Evan instructed the class to rethink what they were taught about cutting hair and to approach a curly cut differently.

  • Cut each curl individually. Curls are made of an alternating “C” pattern, alternating in size. Use a sharp shear, Evan used the ARC™ Scissors Designer Phantom Scissor, to cut each curl in the curve of the larger “C” to maintain the client’s curl pattern and avoid frizz at the ends.
  • If the client is okay with fringe, start face framing first. This way the client can see how you are approaching their hair and the care being taken while cutting.
  • Create a base shape along the perimeter of the hair and build the haircut from the top. Since curly hair tends to be heavier, cutting the top of the hair first will remove any weight that could be manipulating the how the bottom looks. This gives more control for the overall look when cutting the bottom section.



Lesson #3: Offer a Service That They Can’t Do At Home

Offer your curly clients a moisture treatment or scalp cleanse using products that cater specifically to natural curls. Evan also discussed the proper products to use on natural curls and how to speak to clients on which products will help curl health. “You really want to stay away from DIY oils and butters,” Evan explained. “These coat the hair and don’t allow moisture to penetrate the curl, which is what keeps them healthy.” Show them how using proper products in the salon can carry benefits after she leaves the salon. 


Model Two had a tighter natural curl pattern.

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Bonus Lesson: Mary’s Best Tips for Instagram-able Photos

  • If possible, invest in a ring light for photos. Natural lighting is always best but a ring light is the best option if daylight is gone.
  • Have a few wardrobe options available, like solid colored T-shirts and a few jacket options for photos. Clients that have on bright colors or patterns can be distracting and take the focus away from the hair.
  • When choosing makeup for a photograph make sure it is not overwhelming and takes away from the hair.
  • Make adjustments to the hair while looking through your phone screen. Images will appear different through the camera lens then looking at them straight on. 


Click to See Photos from Class!


Couldn’t make the in-person class? Click here to purchase Evan’s Curly Cutting Essentials on BTC University and have lifetime access!

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