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Last updated: April 16, 2015

Yume IXI from Takara Belmont

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Your clients come back time and time again for a slew of reasons—you’re an amazing hairdresser or colorist with a comforting personality and a salon atmosphere that is both welcoming and relaxing. When your clients come in, they look at it as a treat for themselves. The time spent in your chair is them being granted an hour long escape from the hectic grind of work or responsibilities at home. Make every client’s experience as much of an escape as you can and let Takara Belmont help you to achieve that. Since the shampoo service is an integral part of any salon visit, check out the latest from Takara, the Yume IXI—a sleek yet comfortable shampoo station.

With a minimalist design that can complement any salon, this new shampoo station is no larger than a traditional setup—it’s more compact, allowing for space-saving and ease of movement for you. No longer do you have to shuffle around your client while you shampoo. With a space cleared in the back, you can stand with room to move or simply position a stool behind to sit as wash their hair. The showerhead is located at the back of the bowl, allowing for versatility when rinsing and the thermostat and water flow tap are close by, giving you total control over temperature and pressure.

However, the biggest difference lies in comfort this station brings with it. Unlike, those traditional stations, where your clients sit up straight with their head tilted back and their spine knocked out of alignment, this is an actual recliner, allowing your clients to be entirely enveloped by the chair. Another built-in feature? A cushioned neck device to ensure your clients have the utmost support.

Elevate your salon to the peak of comfort and utility with the Yume IXI—ON SALE NOW!

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Yume IXI from Takara Belmont