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Last updated: September 28, 2017

Takara Belmont Roller Ball Multi-Function Hair Processor


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The original Roller Ball featured the world´s first infrared dome with a rotating ring. This design offers an airiness and smart processing style that you can’t get with hood-shaped hair processors. To the original Roller Ball’s superb performance characteristics, Takara Belmont has added more power and more style. Designed for a new generation and poised to make its debut—this is the Rollerball F Multi-Function Hair Processor.


The new Roller Ball F will help color and chemical treatments penetrate deeper and faster, delivering enhanced results that last. It boasts a carbon element that produces “far infrared” rays—a type of electromagnetic waves—that work to accelerate the chemical reactions of color and chemical treatments. This carbon element allows it to reach a desired output setting much faster than is possible with a conventional ceramic element.


As the ring rotates, selected areas of the head can be targeted—for example, just the nape or crown. It also has the ability to target areas that are complicated, or that don’t respond as readily to chemical applications, enabling effective processing and greater comfort for the client. Now boasting a slim, elegant profile and variety of colors, the Roller Ball F is sure to be a desired enhancement to any salon. 


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Takara Belmont Roller Ball Multi-Function Hair Processor