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A “no limit” technical service? It sounds like a dream, but the developers at PHYTO‘s headquarters made magic happen with SUBTIL’s NEW XRESCUE, an anti-breakage solution for expert colorists! Featuring KERATRIX™ 3D technology that works like a plant “compress,” it injects active ingredients right into the cortex. The result: restored hair fibers that are protected during the chemical treatment. XRESCUE does not interrupt your traditional color service. It maintains 100 percent of lightening effects, and it doesn’t create a barrier against the haircolor. The color and lightener application times and mixture proportions are maintained; there’s no increase in oxidant strength; and the simple mixing protocol is compatible with all brands! The best part? Hair is left silky, supple and rejuvenated.

The No.1 Bond Rescue is the restructuring complex that protects hair during the technical lightening or coloring process. Hair elasticity is maintained with an anti-breakage protection. Tresses are also protected from external stress like brushing, chemicals and external elements. 

The No.2 Bond Optimizer Restructuring Shampoo, a creamy co-wash formula that gently cleanses the hair while eliminating bleaching or coloring residue. The hair’s original pH is established after alkaline processes. Not only does the co-wash save time, it prolongs the anti-breakage effect and helps maintain the hair’s natural elasticity!

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