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Last updated: October 20, 2023

Meet Maria Nila: Vegan Professional Haircare, Color & Styling Brand from Stockholm

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From Starting in a Garage to Providing 45+ Countries with Friendly Haircare: Maria Nila’s Brand Story    

Maria Nila is a 100% certified vegan professional haircare, color and styling brand with a strong commitment to sustainability, and they are here to make their mark on the world. Starting off in their family’s garage, Maria Nila has seen incredible growth and can now be found in 45+ countries.


Founded By Family: The Philosophy Behind The Brand

Maria Nila was founded in 1999 by Ann and Ulf Wikström. Their curiosity for creating their own professional performing haircare started in their garage and quickly grew in popularity among local hairdressers. The brand got its name from Ann’s great grandmother, Maria Nila herself, who lived in the north of Swedish and showed great respect for her surroundings and animals.


Sustainability: Making A Mark in the Clean Beauty Scene

The heritage from Maria Nila’s friendly philosophy is still the core foundation of the brand, and Maria Nila has made their mark in the clean beauty scene through their range of styling, semi-permanent colors and chem tech.


Still located in the south of Sweden, Maria Nila’s owns and operates a solar-powered production plant where they monitor all aspects of the production process to produce sustainable beauty on a new level. Not too far away, in Stockholm, is their HQ office—scroll through the slides to get a feel of the Maria Nila experience:



Maria Nila also has an office in New York and recently hosted their first-ever pop-up in the heart of Soho:


Browse Maria Nila’s product collections here!


Maria Nila’s Commitment to Giving Back

Maria Nila’s 100 percent vegan products are developed out of the love for animals. They don’t believe that animals should be a part of human vanity, and by providing high-quality products to professionals and consumers around the world, they make it easier for everyone to take a step towards a friendlier future. But their commitment doesn’t stop there.


Every year on World Vegan Day (November 1st,) Maria Nila starts their “Friendly Year”: A year of campaigns and activities to raise donations to a specific wildlife cause. Maria Nila, together with their community, has supported a wide range of animals, from elephants to turtles over the years. Maria Nila is also CO₂-compensating all their packaging and operations through reforestation with the help of Plan Vivo.


Maria Nila believes that transparency is key to making sure their community can rely on their product’s performance, quality and promises. To support this, all of their products are certified by PETA, The Leaping Bunny, Vegan Society and Plan Vivo. To Maria Nila, beauty should be fun, friendly and honest.


Products That Make A Difference

Innovation and performance is at the forefront of Maria Nila. And, in order to actually make a difference in the world, it is of the highest essence that the products deliver a high performing result.


That’s why Maria Nila’s portfolio is formulated to be color safe and highly nourishing. In particular, their hero line has changed the lives of hairdressers and consumers: Meet the global best-selling Head & Hair Heal line, designed to sooth and calm itchy scalps.



Maria Nila also just launched a new line of products. Meet their newest collection, the Curls & Coils Collection, featuring the Co-Wash, Oil In Cream and Treatment Masque—plus, two Curl Definers.

Products Used


Explore the full portfolio at Salon Centric, Cosmoprof Beauty or reach out to Maria Nila directly to become a customer. 


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