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Last updated: August 15, 2017

Alterna Announces a New Creative Team

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As a total pioneer in the professional luxury hair care industry, Alterna Haircare is proud to announce its Alterna Global House of Experts (AGHE), their new team of creative stylists! Each new team member went through a meticulous audition process as well as submitting a portfolio of their work. The new team features six refreshing hair experts to lead the Alterna creative team, to set new bars for Alterna education and to develop future trend collections.


“I am beyond thrilled to be finally unveiling this team of dynamite hair stylists,” revealed Alterna Haircare CEO/President Joan Malloy. “We’ve been developing and strategizing the AGHE for two years, so we really took our time vetting and selecting the best of the best.”


The new team includes Rita Perna Allor, who was recently promoted to Artistic Director and is an international stage artist and technical master; Nate Rosenkranz, who has over 25 years of experience in fashion, editorial and celebrity styling; Bill Tsikinaris, who has been named Queensland Hairdresser of the Year twice in the last four years; Antonio Velotta, a lead stylist from John Barrett Salon, NYC 5th Avenue; Megan Thompson, who has over 15 years of salon industry experience with credits from Project Runway and NY Fashion Week and Artur Kirsh, a Moscow-born celebrity hair stylist boasting more than 20 years of hair styling experience and a client roster that includes Celine Dion, Kathy Griffin, Nicole Miller and Ken Downing.


“The AGHE marks a new era for Alterna Haircare in the professional hair community,” said Alterna Haircare Director of Education and Events Eloina Torres. “We’re so excited to have a creative team that matches the unparalleled quality of our professional products.”