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Last updated: January 22, 2018

Ethereal Bridal Waves

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Bridal season is in full swing and wives-to-be everywhere are clamoring to find the best dress and ‘do to make their big day as special as possible. To help get you in the mood for something borrowed, something blue, 2016 Bridal Fashion Week delivered some truly inspiring looks, like this one from UNITE’s Kevin Ryan at the Jenny Packham show. “The inspiration that Jenny Packham had for this year’s bridal show was ‘Midsummer’s Night Dream,’” shares Kevin. “I wanted to give each of the girls a classically sophisticated look, but with a modern update.” So Ryan and his team created an ethereal halo that also has a bit of a rock ‘n’ roll edge to it, too. Here’s how it’s done! 


Manufacturer: UNITE

Products Used



On wet hair, comb UNITE ELEVATE Mousse throughout.


Blow-dry the hair with the UNITE IONIC PRO-DYER until completely dry with a center part. 


Use the UNITE Flat Iron to straighten the hair through the ends.  


Next, take a section of hair at ear level and spray lightly with UNITE GO365 Hairspray


Using the UNITE Flat Iron again, create 2 to 3 bends in the hair at ear level. 


Continue with the UNITE Flat Iron around the whole head from ear to ear creating a halo effect.

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Finish the look by spraying UNITE GO365 Hairspray, for a finishing hold and shine.